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Why Do People Dislike YouTube Videos? What YouTubers Must Understand

Why Do People Dislike YouTube Videos

Why would anyone go on YouTube and dislike a video that took time and energy to create? If you’re a YouTuber, you have probably asked yourself this question several times. 

Asking this question is fair because you worked hard to put out good videos. And you probably have a large number of likes to show for it. 

When you get dislikes on your YouTube video, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it is a terrible video. It might even be an excellent video. There are several reasons why people would dislike your YouTube video. 

So, let’s understand why.  

Why do people dislike YouTube videos?

Individuals have different interests, beliefs, and views. Because of these differences, not everybody would like a video that millions of other people want. Think of it as a balance. So, it might be because they disagree with a particular view or belief. 

Also, people can dislike your video out of spite and to troll. They would tap the dislike button not because the video content is wrong or because they don’t like it but because they want the video creator to look bad.

Others would dislike a video because they can. It might seem funny, but it is the truth. They click the dislike button because it is their choice, and they choose not to like the video. If the switch was provided, bear in mind that people would use it. It is that simple. 

These are the different reasons people might dislike your YouTube videos. Continue reading for more helpful information on the topic.

What Dislikes Mean For A YouTube Video

When people dislike your YouTube video, they inform the algorithm that they want to see little or no content from you, the video creator. 

You’re less likely to see content from a YouTuber you disliked their video. It is the algorithm working to serve the viewer.

Furthermore, it affects ranking. But this only happens if the like to dislike ratio is poor.

People fear that getting dislikes on YouTube would make YouTube flag the video as bad. This belief isn’t necessarily true. YouTube would not directly take dislikes as a sign that your video is terrible. YouTube is aware of trolls and individuals who dislike videos out of spite. For this reason, they use the like to dislike ratio. 

What Is The Like To Dislike Ratio?

Like to dislike ratio is simply the number of likes a video gets compared to the number of dislikes the same video gets. 

The ratio is not as significant as people have posed it to be. The algorithm uses it for discovery, but it influences only a small portion of your YouTube performance. There are other critical factors. These include comments, watch time, and view duration. Insufficient average view duration would do more harm for your video than the like to dislike ratio.

Sometimes the YouTube algorithm can be mind-blowing. You put up a video, and someone makes a nasty comment about the video and hits the dislike button. To buttress the person’s dislike, another person replies to the first person’s comment where they are talking about why the video wasn’t great. A couple more people comment, and before you know it, the video goes up in ranking. And it keeps going up as people keep commenting. 

This result shows you that views and durations, not the ratio of likes and dislikes, pull more weight when it comes to videos and how they perform. In these situations, you might be tempted to toast to your haters.

What Are The Metrics For Measuring Your Like To Dislike Ratio?

< 50% bad 

> 50% Okay

85%-95% normal 

95-100% good 

If your ratio goes less than 50%, which you can see is bad already, it might affect your video performance. But you have nothing to worry about if the ratio is above 50%.

Can You Boost Your Like To Dislike Ratio On YouTube?

If the like to dislike ratio is less than 50% and you’re looking to push it up; you don’t need to fret. It is possible. You can improve your videos like to dislike ratio by:

  • Don’t ever put controversial video content. For example, political or religious views 
  • Let your video titles be less “clickbaity” and more objective. 

The above might help you push your like to dislike ratio to an ok level. But if what you want is a 100% like to dislike ratio, then maybe you don’t want your video to get many views. It is almost impossible for a video that does well to have a perfect like to dislike ratio. 

Most Disliked Videos On YouTube 

YouTube didn’t have a like and dislike button until 2010 when the update was made. Since then, some videos have made it to the list for videos with the most dislikes. And have either been beaten off or down the list or maintained their position. Here are the top disliked videos on YouTube:

“YouTube Rewind 2018”:

The YouTube Rewind 2018: everyone controls the Rewind video that was uploaded two years ago. It tops the list of the most disliked videos with 19M dislikes. It also currently has a total of 217M views. 

“Sadak 2 trailer”:

The Sadak 2 movie trailer uploaded by fox star studios in 2020 is second on the list with 13M dislikes. The video has a total of 79M views and 737k likes. 

“Baby shark dance”:

The baby shark dance video uploaded by Pinkfong Kids songs and stories made the most disliked list with 13M dislikes. Pinkfong Kids’ songs uploaded the video five years ago, and it has 8.8 billion views presently. 

“Baby by Justin Bieber featuring Ludacris’ ‘:

The music video posted over 11years ago has 12 million dislikes and 2.5 billion views. 

“Johnny Johnny yes papa”:

This music video for children uploaded by looloo kids has over 10 million dislikes. 

“YouTube Rewind 2019”:

The 2019 YouTube Rewind video is next on the list with over 9 million dislikes. 

“Learning colors- colorful Eggs on a farm”:

This educational video for kids has 7M dislikes in three years. 

“Bath song”:

 The Cocomelon Nursery rhyme has 7 million dislikes after three years. 

Most Liked Videos On Youtube

Some of the videos that were most disliked also appeared in the most-liked list. Here are some of the most liked YouTube videos in the world:

“Despacito by Luis Fonsi featuring Daddy Yankee”:

This music video tops the list with over 44 million likes. The video is also number 15 on the most disliked YouTube videos list. It currently has 7.4 billion views. 

“See you again”:

The See you again music video has 34 million likes, which is about 97% of the likes. 

“Dynamite by Bts”:

The Dynamite music video has about 1.1 billion views with over 29 million likes. 

“Baby shark dance”:

This video which made the most disliked YouTube videos list, is the fourth most liked video globally with 28 million likes. 

“Shape of your body”:

The music video to the song by Ed Sheeran is the fifth most liked YouTube video in the world, with over 27 million likes in four years. 

“Faded by Alan Walker”:

The faded music video was uploaded in 2015, and it has 23 million likes in total. 

Do YouTubers Get Money From Likes 

Some People believe that many YouTubers encourage people to like their videos because they get paid for likes. This belief isn’t true. So, Asides the fact that a good number of likes is a good look on the YouTube video creator, what do they stand to gain? 

YouTubers don’t get money from likes. But it does a number for the videos ranking. The more likes and comments a video gets, the more it gets promoted. So, colossal engagement pulls traffic to the video. And increased traffic means more views and ad clicks. 

So, when your YouTube video gets likes from a viewer, they are inadvertently telling the algorithm that they want to see more content from you. 

Many YouTubers encourage people to like, comment, subscribe, and share to increase their engagement. 

How To Get More Likes On Your YouTube Videos 

Since you know why you need likes, you should also know how to get more likes on your videos. Here are a few ways 

Ask for them:

It is easy to assume that a viewer would like your video because it was a good watch. But you can’t know for sure because somebody may like your content and not click on the thumbs-up icon. So, you have to tell your viewers to like your video. 

Include prompts in your videos:

It would be easy for people to remember to like your videos if you remind them during the video. You could insert a thumbs-up icon at the top of the screen, probably halfway through the video. Just make sure you don’t overdo it. 

Use Social media:

Use your social media platforms to promote your videos. Share clips from your videos on other social media platforms and refer people to your YouTube channel from the post. Don’t just sit around waiting for people to find you; draw them to you.


Now that you know why people dislike YouTube videos, you can work on putting your video content and focusing on what is truly important for the growth of your channel. 

If your channel is growing in views and engagement generally, video dislikes are almost inevitable. 

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