Why Are You Interested In A Career As A Software Developer? A Must Read

Have you ever looked in the mirror and asked yourself, “Why are you interested in a career as a software developer?” Or, perhaps, you have tried sampling a friend’s opinion on why they chose software development instead of other careers. 

Honestly, such a question is relevant, not only for prospective software developers but other career opportunities. When you know why you developed an interest in a specific career, you won’t have difficulties obtaining job satisfaction. 

To crown it all, most people view software development as a boring and highly demanding career. And those who are in it are thought of the same way. 

So, what’s motivating people to become software developers? Let’s find the reasons. 

Why Are You Interested In A Career As A Software Developer?

As someone who has been in the field for some years now, I can categorically tell you that software developers have tons of reasons for choosing a career. 

However, if you’re planning to become a software developer, you need to ask yourself, why should I choose this career path? 

Well, these are the reasons why people choose software development.

Opportunity to become a problem-solver:

Nothing feels more fulfilling than finding a solution to an age-long problem. It could even be a grand-breaking achievement. Plus, you could put your name on the map for attaining such a feat. 

So, the opportunity to become a problem-solver is the reason many chose software development. They want to be the ones to make a new or existing program less complex or design the next software that will be valuable to a specific sector. 

Just look at the educational sector, for instance. You’ll see that things have become much easier for students. Complex and difficult courses are now a breeze to study and understand. 

There are myriads of apps designed to learn mathematics, physics and other difficult courses. And the fact that students can learn on the go or have fun while doing so makes it even more interesting. 

Software developers create these apps. So, if you’re in this profession, consider yourself a problem-solver. You have a huge opportunity to have a significant impact on virtually every sector. 

Amazing job outlook:

The job outlook for software a developer is a major reason most people are interested in this career. By the way, who would want to remain unemployed after graduating? No one! Everyone’s dream is to get a good-paying job as soon as they leave school.  

On the other hand, the pay doesn’t matter sometimes. You want to get employed to use your time for something more productive. 

Excitingly, software developers don’t have the unemployment rate other professions have. Thus, your chance of being jobless upon graduation is quite low. 

If these words don’t convince you that the job outlook for software developers is impressive, the Bureau of Labor Statistics report should. The agency claims that jobs for software developers are expected to grow by 24 per cent. This means, by 2026, there would be over 302,500 software development jobs available. 

You can become a software developer without formal education:

It might interest you to know that most software developers who are doing exploits worldwide didn’t learn their trade at the university. That’s to say, they never attended university or college. 

Some professionals only have a high-school certificate, yet they are making waves in the industry. So, you don’t need a formal education to become a software developer. All you need is readiness. Be ready to devote time, energy, and be consistent. 

But then, no one is against obtaining a computer science degree. If you have the financial backing or can sponsor yourself in school, please get a degree. It could open more doors of opportunities and boost your chances of getting higher salaries. 

Additionally, most jobs may also require someone who has a degree. So, your chance of landing a job increases when you have a degree. 

However, if you don’t have a degree, don’t panic. Not every software developer studied at the university. Some even read other courses in the university but discovered their interest in software development after leaving school and pursued it. 

The beauty of software development is that it’s autodidactic, thanks to the availability of useful materials. The internet is awash with numerous materials such as tech blogs, online courses, webinars, boot camps, YouTube videos, including beginner-friend communities that can make learning software development a breeze.  

So, you can teach yourself software development. And interestingly, companies are willing to hire software developers without a degree and pay them handsomely. Just prove to them that you can deliver, and no one would bother about questioning you about a degree. 

Flexible working schedule:

The three things software developers need to do their jobs are access to a computer system, the internet and skills. They can do their job anywhere. 

Software developers can work remotely. Most of them had to work from home when the global pandemic struck. 

Software developers are also doing exploits in the freelancing world. And they’re one of the highest-paid freelancing professions out there.

So, if you don’t fancy working for a company as a software developer, you can go into the freelancing world. You could even contact companies directly to know if they have a remote job for you. 

Below are online platforms you can land jobs as a software developer. 

  • Guru 
  • Fiverr
  • Upwork
  • Freelancer
  • Toptal 
  • Hired
  • Gun.io 
  • Authentic Jobs

There are software developers who are making a killing on these platforms and living their dream life. Shockingly, some of them even earn higher than their counterparts working with companies.  

Opportunity to change the world:

Technology has helped to change the world. If you’re in doubt, consider how difficult things like communication were years back. 

Today, technology has changed how people manage their resources, enjoy entertainment, and handle their daily tasks. 

So, why won’t people have an interest in a field that has drastically transformed the world? They certainly will. Many have developed an interest in software development because they want to have a massive impact on other people’s lives. 

Incredibly broad field:

Software development is quite broad. You can become a mobile app developer, website developer, programmer, video game developer, software developer, and the latest being data science. 

Excitingly, you can settle for one specific niche, combine two or more. It depends on how much you can handle. However, it’s best to establish yourself in a specific niche before you consider adding others.  

This field’s broadness also presents diverse opportunities to professionals. And you can choose to work in any area of your choice. 

But here’s the interesting part. As a software developer, you can work in almost every industry. Plus, online businesses need software developers to help keep their data safe from hackers. They also need software developers to keep their platforms running. 

Opportunity to collaborate:

Software developers don’t sit in a room all by themselves, coding day and night. In short, only a handful of them enjoy working that way. 

The opportunity to join forces with other software developers makes the profession more appealing. You’ll have the opportunity to interact with other professionals, share ideas, agree and disagree on certain processes. 

This explains why, as a software developer, having the needed technical ability isn’t enough. You must be an excellent communicator, a great team player, and be ready to learn from others.   

The learning never stops. The career is also an example of the old saying, “a tree can’t make a forest.” You can’t do most things on your own. You might need the help of other software developers like yourself to solve the problem.  

So, the opportunity to join forces with other software developers, learn from them and solve complex problems makes software development an incredible career choice. It also makes the job fulfilling and less boring. 

High financial reward:

The bills in the home keep increasing. So, don’t blame people running after high-paying professions like software development. 

Software developers earn huge salaries. However, career niche and state plays a huge role in determining how much one can earn.  

States and districts where software developers get paid incredibly high mean salaries include Washington, California, New York, District of Columbia and Maryland. They earn $134,370, $131,870, $119,570, $118,580 and $116,080, respectively. 


So, why are you interested in a career as a software developer? The reasons we gave above are things that should interest anyone in building a career in software development. It’s an interesting career. And there’s an opportunity to earn big. 

Software developers can also decide to open a company and provide services to clients remotely. They can also work as freelancers. 

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