What Time Does FedEx Stop Delivering Packages? The Reason Explained

There are tons of reasons FedEx is a popular name in the delivery service business. Founded by the highly-esteemed Frederick W. Smith, FedEx has been in existence since 1971. 

FedEx helps to connect people to their goods and services. But what sets them apart is their dependable and quick delivery service.    

However, most customers have a hard time understanding FedEx’s delivery time. And truly, that’s something that should bother any user. If you don’t know the company’s actual delivery time, you could miss your package.     

Alright, let’s revisit the question.

What time does FedEx stop delivering packages?

FedEx stops delivering packages at 8 pm on the scheduled day. Instead, FedEx makes parcel deliveries before the conclusion of the business day. This delivery schedule is known as the “end of the day delivery.”

FedEx is well-known for its credibility and accuracy. If FedEx says your package will be delivered by the end of the day, rest assured that it will arrive by 8 pm on the delivery date.

FedEx delivers Monday through Friday from 8 am to 8 pm. If you are willing to pay for the FedEx specialty services, your package will get to you on weekends and holidays. 

FedEx aims to provide consumers with cost-effective, dependable, and convenient delivery. As a result, the delivery times for FedEx vary. 

According to the FedEx delivery rates, package delivery takes three business days. However, It is vital to note that all FedEx delivery duration is measured on working days, not weekends.

During the holiday season, FedEx expands its delivery hours. However, you’ll often see the FedEx white and purple vans past 8 pm in festive periods. Why? The night movement is due to the increased demand for shipping services over the holiday season. 

In such times, courier drivers work longer hours to compensate for outrageous demands.

FedEx delivers parcels within the U.S. and Canada, but one has to pay a premium for international shipping. FedEx provides premium delivery services for sending packages and envelopes to other countries.

FedEx provides premium delivery services for you to send parcels and envelopes to other countries.

FedEx Delivery Services For Optimal Delivery

Everyone enjoys the excitement that comes with getting a package. 

However, delivery failures frequently result in customer dissatisfaction. Furthermore, your dissatisfaction may earn the company a poor brand review.

FedEx offers various premium delivery services for you to get your package with a smiling face. But, of course, all of these options are more expensive than the standard FedEx Ground package.

These services usually come at extra cost, especially if you want your package within the shortest time possible.

Domestic FedEx Services Available For Your Packages And Envelopes

FedEx Same Day Option:

If you choose this option, your parcel will be delivered the same day you place your order. But, some international regions do not have this choice.

However, if the delivery does not come on the same day, you can request a refund.

FedEx Overnight Option:

Choosing the FEDEX overnight package means that you will get your goods delivered before 9:30 am the next day. But, this delivery window extends to 2 pm in distant areas.

FedEx Priority Overnight option:

This is a cheaper variant of FedEx Overnight. You’re sure to get your package before 10:30 am in the cities. However, FedEx overnight delivery extends to about 5 pm in remote areas.

FedEx Standard Overnight:

With this option, you can pay less for overnight delivery. But, you can only expect to receive your delivery by 8 pm the next day. 

Therefore, if the shipping cost were lesser, delivery would be later.

FedEx 2 Day:

When you use FedEx 2 days, you can make delivery in less than two days to anywhere in the world.

FedEx 2Day AM Option:

This choice guarantees package delivery to about 50 states in the US in two business days or less. The delivery time is usually by 10:30 am.

FedEx Express Saver Option:

Using the FedEx express saver means you will get your package in about three business days. However, if you stay in remote areas, you should expect your delivery before 4:30 pm on the third day.

How To Know FedEx Estimated Delivery Time

As earlier said, FedEx shipping time frames vary. But the change depends on a variety of circumstances. 

Hence, due to changing FedEx stated delivery timeframes, unforeseen events may cause your cargo to be delayed. 

Fortunately, you may use a FedEx transit time tool to calculate FedEx’s expected delivery time.

For example, FedEx shipping timings from New York to the Hawaiian Islands can take one night with the FedEx Priority Overnight option. However, it takes about two days with the FedEx 2day option.

Likewise, FedEx International Priority takes three days to deliver from New York to Auckland, while FedEx International Economy takes seven days. 

It’s noteworthy that variations in delivery schedules have an impact on shipping costs.

Causes Of FedEx Delayed Package Delivery

Your Package deliveries should go off without a hitch if everything goes according to plan.

 Nonetheless, while FedEx strives to provide accurate delivery times, some factors may impact FedEx delivery delays. 

Daily, shipping delays and receiving damaged items occur. Furthermore, you’ll become anxious to know why your packages are delayed, plus when you’ll receive your package or refund.

Delay in delivery can lead to aggravation and poor customer experience.

The following are some of the typical causes of extended FedEx delivery hours:

Poor weather conditions:

Safety must always be a top consideration for all delivery companies.

Climate-related issues could lead to road closures which may invariably result in delays owing to slow movements.

Although, customers may find it inconvenient when weather conditions affect their delivery schedules. But, there’s little the delivery companies can do to deliver timely.

Traffic Congestion:

Finding a city with no traffic is nearly impossible at this time. Construction, accidents, and bypass all contribute to increased delays in people’s transit.

Technology has made traffic issues a lot easier. For example, courier drivers can benefit from route optimization software. The app can help them to determine the quickest path. 

In addition, courier drivers can update the software constantly to avoid delay occurrences.

Large shipping volumes:

A delivery firm without a suitable software system can be overwhelmed by a sudden or unexpected increase in package delivery volumes.

This surge is most prevalent during the holiday season when the shopping frenzy begins. 

As the number of online orders grows, so does the demand for courier management and delivery increases. 

This delivery software can efficiently distribute the appropriate volume to courier drivers using the most efficient method possible.

Unsuccessful delivery attempt:

You, not the courier driver, are to blame for a failed delivery attempt if you’re not available to receive your parcel.

If there is an attempt to deliver a package, the driver usually has a short period to get a response from you. If you don’t respond, the courier driver will move on to the following orders. 

Furthermore, delivery companies use this track and trace system to keep you informed of when you should expect your package.

Misplaced Packages:

Probably, the most unpleasant experience you can have is the issue of missing packages.

There are several reasons for missing parcels. Misplaced packages could be due to theft, wrong mailing labels, or unintentional removal.

Courier services can use real-time tracking and tracing features to record proof of delivery.

This proof of delivery can help to protect the parties involved. Furthermore, you and the courier services can track where the package is during delivery.

What can you do to prevent a package from being misplaced?

Missing Packages

Even if you can practically reduce shipping costs, your first priority should be to tackle challenges like package losses and delays. 

For example, a missing package, whether it is eventually located or not, results in significant delays. 

Fortunately, below are a few simple steps you may take to lessen the chances of losing your package.

Use Reliable Shipping Labels:

Before shipping, you should double-check that the labels attached to your package are readable and firmly attached.

You should utilize laser printers with toner cartridges or thermal ink printers if you’re producing your mailing labels. 

When touched or exposed to moist circumstances, labels created using inkjet printers can smear or blur. Labeling errors can cause scanning or delivery mistakes.    

Have Shipping Insurance:

Delivery companies are not held responsible for your parcel’s cost when missing.

While FedEx may cover up to $100 in rare cases, the US Postal Service exclusively covers insured items.

For certain businesses, shipping insurance is a viable option. First, however, companies must assess if the cost of insurance is worth their investment.

Send Your Package in Plain Parcels:

When shipping products, you should select simple brown packaging with no logos or advertising messages. Otherwise, you risk promoting the worth of what’s inside and enticing pirates or even more.

A flashy package reveals what’s inside the parcel. Unfortunately, this can lead to more instances of theft.


FedEx is an excellent shipping company to use if you are eager to receive your package.

FedEx delivers packages latest by 8 pm of the delivery date. However, they can provide your parcel later than the usual 8 pm. if your delivery is delayed in transit.

The anticipation of getting a delivery is something that everyone enjoys. But, we all despise the disappointment that comes with delivery delays. 

Also, depending on your service option, you may receive a notification. For example, the message you receive may show that FedEx will reschedule your delivery date.

Hence, you can be sure you’ll get your package the next working day.

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