What Does Google Services Framework Do? The Best Answer

Google Services Framework comes with Android smartphone phones. It is an application program interface (API) included in the Android mobile operating system. And it’s a vital component regarding the main functionalities of Android OS. 

This OS program manages and updates the various Google apps on Android phones and any game or app that the user downloads from the Google Play Store.

Now, let’s go back to the original question. 

What Does Google Services Framework Do?

Google Play services framework is an android component used to update and manage Google apps and any app or game downloaded from the Google Play store. 

The component’s functionality includes authentication to your Google services, access to the most current privacy user settings, and synchronized contacts. It also provides higher quality, lower-powered location-based services. 

This android component enhances your app experience.

Google Play services framework also speeds up offline searches, improves gaming experiences, and provides more immersive maps. The apps on your device may not function well or even function if you uninstall the Google Play services framework.

Since there are different models and system versions, your model’s required version of the GSF may differ from your friend’s own.

Some of these essential applications that Google Services Framework manages the Play Store, Contacts syn, Accounts Manager, Google maps, Backup, Google drive, to name a few.

Some of these programs already come with your Android smartphones, as well. So, if they are already installed on your device, but you don’t have the Google service framework installed, your apps won’t function properly.

Although the scenario pictured above rarely happens nowadays, it still happens in some instances, and it can be attributed to the nature of that mobile OS. Android’s operating system is open-source, which means you can install and use it on your device. 

When your device is not optimized or intended to be used with Android, complications can arise. It can also happen if the device is not officially accessible in your region. 

However, an Android user can install this API on their device. It is important to note this does not mean that your device will function the way it should, as some other factors play here.

One of the factors is the issue of whether or not your region allows Google Services. There is also the question of your mobile phone hardware itself, which the Google API might not support. This issue depends on the parts being used.

What Apps Get Affected If I Don’t Install Google Services Framework?

GSF manages the communication between apps and the user’s Google account. This API maintains every service on your phone that requires a Google account. 

Google Service Framework helps you to maintain the apps.

Most of these Google apps come pre-installed on your mobile phones, such as play store, account manager, G mail, contact sync, and backup. If your smartphone does not have the framework, then these apps may stop functioning properly.

How To Use Google Services Framework

Simply put, the Google Service Framework’s operation is not complicated. The app starts working automatically as soon as the user has properly installed it on their device. 

Nonetheless, you might see a notification informing you that the app has stopped working. When this happens, it might mean that you downloaded a version that’s higher than your device’s version.

The solution to this issue is to download a lower version of the one you just downloaded. When you have launched the app, it might need the update itself. The update is only needed if you downloaded a version lower than your device’s.

If your app doesn’t update itself, that means you downloaded the perfect version for your device. You can check your device’s version by going to the settings, locate the phone information, and check the version.

How Do I Check If My Smartphone Has Google Certification?

Checking if your phone has a Google certification or not, isn’t something that’s difficult. A notification that says, “Device is not certified by Google” will be sent to you. When you receive the message, you may not have access to any Google apps and services.

As an alternative, if you can access Play Store, follow the steps below:

  • Locate the Google Play Store app on your device.
  • Tap Menu, which is located on the top left corner, and then locate Settings.
  • Find “Device certification” and check if your smartphone is certified.

If you find out that your device is not certified, you can get it certified from Google. You can also try the alternative below;


  • If you have enabled the OEM Unlock option, disable it from Developer Options. Mostly fixes if you have a Samsung device.
  • You can re-lock Bootloader if you have unlocked it on your phone.
  • Now, uninstall Magisk and unroot your smartphone.
  • Restore your smartphone to complete stock using stock recovery.
  • Now, flash the certified Google apps that are mentioned above.

Method# 2:

This method is the best for anyone who does not want to go through all the trouble mentioned above. Note that this method may not work with your device.

  • Locate your Android device Google Service Framework (GSF). GSF is not your Android ID or your device’s IMEI number.
  • Locating the Android device GSF Device-ID is not complicated. Simply download a simple app from your Google Play Store called Device ID. Download it online if you are unable to access your Play store.
  • Now, open the app you downloaded and copy the “Google Service Framework (GSF)” code you can find on the second line. The code is in the form of a hexadecimal number.
  • Now, convert your GSF code from hexadecimal to decimal.
  • Register your device on the Google device registration page
  • Locate the “Android id” box and enter your decimal GSF Device-ID
  • Click “Register.”
  • You should see your registered ID below the box.

How Do I Repair Google Services Framework My Unrooted Android Smartphone?

If you have accidentally disabled Google Services Framework from apps, it can be restored. Not that you cannot delete GSF from your phone. GSF can only be disabled on the device. To enable the Google Services Framework, see below.

  • Locate the settings of the app on your device
  • Now, scroll down to apps. Locate Google Services framework on the list.
  • Click on Re-enable Google Services Framework 

Now, you can have all your Gapps working as effective as they were before your Google Service Framework was disabled.

How Do I Install/Re-install Google Services Framework On My Rooted Device?

If you deleted your Google Service Framework from a rooted android device, you will download and install the app. You will need an APK file for this purpose. Firstly, download APK for Google Services Framework.

The APK should be downloaded from a trusted APK hosting and sharing website. Download it to either internal memory or SD card. After you have downloaded it, install the app.

Can I ClearThe cache?

Yes, you can clear cache from your Google Services Framework. Clearing cache will not affect your Google apps. However, it is not the same as clearing data.

Can I Clear The data?

Some people think that clearing the Google service framework data will cause havoc, and it is true. Any app that relies on GCM functionality (Google Cloud Messenger) to functions such as push updates may stop sending notifications or freak out.

Clearing the data can change your device’s Google-recognized primary ID. There are so many disadvantages of clearing GSF data, but the big one is that it invalidates the tokens used by Gapps and nearly all apps downloaded from Google Play Store.

The reactions to a change in the GCM IDs depend on the application. You will have to log bag in on Play Sore. Gmail may handle this better, but you may not get new notifications for some time. 

Until they get a new ID, every affected app will stop getting GCM push messages. Some apps do this often, others seldom do it, and some use the GCM ID on their servers.

Also, the “Google Play Services stopped working” error shows up sometimes. If you encounter this, try the solutions below;

  • Restart your device
  • Check if your Google Play and Google Play Services are updated to the most recent version
  • Clear Google Play Services cache
  • Clear Google Services Framework cache
  • Clear Google Play cache

How Do I Clear The Cache?

  • Locate your phone’s setting and go to “Apps.”
  • Now, open “all apps” and look for the app from which you want to clear the cache (you have to locate “Google Services Framework,” “Google Play Services,” or “Google Play”)
  • After that, open the details and click on the “Force stop” button.
  • Locate the “Storage” menu and click on it
  • Click on the “clear cache” button.

You’re done.

Can I Remove GSF?

If you have an unrooted device, you cannot remove GSF from it. The app is protected by default, and you don’t have permission to delete it. If you want to remove the app, then you will have to root the Android OS.

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