Unusual Macbook Noises: Macbook Pro Making A Clicking Noise

It is disturbing to have a MacBook that has a clicking noise. It is even worse when your MacBook for doing business produces such noises. There are different reasons why your MacBook might be making a clicking noise.

In some instances, the noise might bring no harm. However, in some cases, it might mean that there is something wrong with your hardware. Therefore you should take immediate action to investigate what is wrong and solve it.

MacBook Pro Making A Clicking Noise

Have you been hearing some noises coming from your MacBook when you are using it? MacBooks make a lot of noise when they are in use. There are those noises that you do not have to worry about and those that are worth investigating. Some of the noises that should catch your attention are clicking or tapping noises.

Most of the moving parts on your MacBook have something to do with spinning. Examples include the fans or the disc drives. Therefore when one of these parts blocks, it might make your MacBook produce clicking noises. If it persists for a long time, it might damage your MacBook.

Reasons Why Your Macbook Is Making Clicking Noises

Clicking noises mean different things in different MacBook models. In some models, it might be a harmless symptom. However, in other models, it might be a concern that is worth your attention. The following are some of the reasons why your MacBook is producing a clicking noise.

Heat Expansion

Some MacBook models have metal connectors located near the memory mod on the underside of the computer. The work of the metal connector is to facilitate electromagnetic shielding by touching the MacBook casing.

When you are operating your MacBook, it might start heating up. Therefore, it results in expansion, making the connector rub against the inside of the MacBooks casing. The rubbing against the inside of the MacBook casing is what produces the clicking noise.

If you want to sort out this issue, you can remove the metal connector or cover the inside of the casing with electronic tape. Remember that you should not tamper with your MacBook if it is still under warranty. Instead, it would be best to contact Apple to assist you.

Failing Hard Drives

The MacBook hard drives have a similar design to that of a high-tech record player. The hard drives consist of a spinning platter disk and a moving actuator arm. The spinning platter disk stores information while the moving actuator arm reads and writes data.

A fully-functioning hard drive with no issues produces soft hum noise and a more audible tap noise. The “hum” noise comes from the spinning disk, while the” tap” noise comes from the actuator arm’s rapid back and forth movements. The problem comes when you start hearing a loud clicking noise.

A clicking noise is a sign of a mechanical failure with the disk or the arm. The hard drive motor might be finding it hard to reach full speed. Moreover, there might be crashing between the read/write heads and the hard drive’s platter.  When this happens, ensure that you immediately back up your data and replace the hard drive.

A Defective Fan

MacBooks have small fans used to draw cool air into the MacBook casing and expel hot air out. Have you heard a scratching noise when you have used your MacBook for some time? It might be as a result of dragging and snagging internal wirings on one of the fans.

To fix this issue involves removing your MacBook casing and checking for any loose wires near the fan. You will then organize the cables correctly to ensure that they are nice and tidy.

Moreover, also dust and debris on your fan can result in a clicking noise. When you first turn on your MacBook, you will not hear this noise, but it will come as you continue using it. To solve this issue, you should ensure that your fan is clean at all times. You can remove the loose debris from your fan by using a compressed air can.

In addition, you can also spray your fan with a bit of contact cleaner. The contact cleaner will clean the inner components you should not touch with bare hands.

A Failing Optical Drive

The optical drive is mechanically the same as the hard drive. The difference between the two is that you can remove and remove the storage medium of the optical drive. Both the optical and hard drives use a spinning disc and moving arm. Therefore, you will also hear some tapping noise from your optical drive.

When the optical drive starts producing clicking noises, you should be cautious since it is not a good sign. The clicking noise might be a result of putting a faulty disc in the optical drive. It might also be because of a faulty electric motor or the laser track.

You can eject the disc and replace it with another good disc. You can also check if there is any debris on the interior of your optical drive. If your optical drive is damaged, you will have to replace it with another one.

You do not have to back up your data when your optical drive fails immediately. Internal drives are readily available. Hence you can buy a new one and replace your faulty optical drive.

Speakers Or Monitors

Clicking noises from your MacBook might also be coming from your MacBook’s speaker or monitor. It is usual for your speaker and monitor to make a clicking noise once or twice. The clicking noise might be a result of a bit of electrical discharge on the analog connection. However, if the clicking noise persists, then your equipment might have something wrong.

To try and diagnose the clicking noises from your speakers, you can switch your speaker to another audio port. Moreover, you can also install a complete sound card, use a USB sound card or switch to USB speakers.

How To Fix Loud Clicking Noises For Your Macbook Fan

One of the main reasons you hear clicking noises from your MacBooks might be your fan. The fan might produce some noises when cooling your MacBook. However, if the noise is louder and persistent, you should look for solutions because that is unusual. The following are some of the ways you can fix the loud clicking noises from your fun.

Removing Dust From Your Fan

Dust is the number one enemy for your MacBook fan. It results in your fan making clicking noises. The MacBook processor is the brain of your MacBook, and it does a lot of operation that makes it heat up. Therefore it requires its cooler, which is the fan, to be working effectively.

Therefore you need to clean your fan to ensure it is always clean regularly. To clean your fan, you will first need to open your MacBook. You will then use a blower to remove all the dust on the fan. It would be best to clean your fan at least once a year.

Remove Malware

Malware will make your MacBook not obey commands correctly and increase your MacBook’s temperature above normal. Therefore your fan will struggle to cool down the high temperatures. As a result, the fan will start producing loud clicking noises while trying to cool down your MacBook.

An excellent antivirus is a tool that should never be absent in your MacBook. The antivirus will check any malware on your MacBook and sort them out. Your computer will start performing well and having average temperatures due to the lack of any malware. Therefore your MacBook fan will not overwork, and consequently, it will not produce a loud clicking noise.

Avoid Opening Many Processes At Once

When you open many tabs or let many processes run in the background, it will be overburdening. Overburdening your MacBook processor and Ram will make your MacBook overheat. When the MacBook gets overheated, the fans will likely make clicking noises because it is overworking to cool your MacBook down.

Therefore you should ensure that you close other tabs that you are not using. You can do so by using the task manager, where you will hit ‘End task’ on the tabs that you can quit.

Can Power Issues Make Your Macbook Make Loud Clicking Noises?

Yes, issues with the power supply or wiring of your MacBook can lead to loud clicking noises. When you hear loud clicking noises right before your MacBook shuts down, it might be the sound of power failure. Therefore you should ensure you check the power rails and confirm every component has a secure power supply connection.

What Should You Do When The Loud Clicking Noises Do Not Disappear?

Sometimes, you can do everything to try and fix the loud clicking noises, but the noise remains. If this happens, the next thing to do is to ask for professional help. You can visit an Apple store and take your MacBook for repair or seek professional advice.


It is discomforting to keep hearing the unpleasant loud clicking noise coming from your MacBook. The clicking noises from your MacBook might result from failing drives, defective fans, or even a power supply. Therefore you should know the tips on how to prevent your MacBook from making this noise. If the clicking noise does not stop, seek professional help from Apple stores.


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