The Best Video Editing Software For Sports Highlights

Whether you’re a proud parent of an athlete, a coach that needs to watch tape with his team, or starting a sport YouTube channel, you’re going to need the best video editing software suitable for sports highlights. Your video editing software is what separates athletes looking like professionals or absolute amateurs.

Since the early 2000’s I’ve had an interest in taking pictures and shooting videos. Out of my friend group I was the only one with a camera, so by default I was the camera guy. That meant when it came for one of them to take my picture, or shoot a video of me it always came out horrible.

I also grew up playing basketball and by the time I hit high school I had to edit my own sporting highlight tapes to send to potential colleges that may want me to play basketball for their organization, so I know the importance of having a professional looking video.

I ended up signing to play at Mary Grove College. Let’s just say that my editing skills must be pretty good if it was enough to allow me to play a sport at the collegiate level.

Video editing can be a very tedious task after awhile, so I always found it to be beneficial to work with user-friendly software. Drag and drop is one of my favorite methods when it comes to editing sports highlights.

I will be reviewing and comparing the best video editing software for sports highlights that you should use this year.

This will include:

  • The best free video editors
  • The most user-friendly/easy-to-use
  • The best for mobile
  • The best for PC/Mac

Disclaimer: This article contains affiliate links that I receive a small commission for. At no extra cost for you of course. However I highly recommend these sports highlight video editing software as I use them myself.

What is the Best Video Editing Software For Sports Highlights?

There are many factors to consider when choosing the best sports highlight video editing software. Things like the drag and drop option like I mentioned earlier. This makes for simple video editing.

Just simply grab the clips in the order you want them and drag and drop them into the timeline creating an awesome sports highlight video. You should also consider what device you’re going to be editing on and if you think you’re going to need any cool, special effects.

1. Pinnacle Studio Video Editor

Pinnacle Studio 24 is a great option when it comes to taking control of your greatest sporting highlight creation. With advanced keyframing that allows you to fine-tune each parameter of your video’s clips, transitions, and effects you can really take full control of all aspects of your highlight video. Work efficiently with customizable shortcuts and workflow efficiencies on quick, small edits, or elaborate large video productions.

When it comes to recording film for your sports highlight video, too little lighting or too much lighting can be an issue. Sometimes gym lighting just isn’t enough when it comes to getting the perfect shot, and vise versa for filming outside – sometimes the lighting is too bright.

Pinnacle Studio is the perfect solution to all lighting issues. Experience the possibilities and power of color grading. You can independently adjust colors, highlights, midtones, and shadows by using the color wheel. A couple of lighting adjustments and you just made yourself a professional looking sport highlight video.

The greatest features of Pinnacle is the ability to perform video masking.

Here, you can create edits that evolve frame-by-frame and:

  • Create custom transitions
  • Remove distractions
  • Target special effects

The ability to hide or remove objects from your sports highlight videos is an amazing feature. Usually from my experience when creating a highlight video you tend to want to focus on one main player each clip, so being able to remove any distractions is an absolute game changer, literally. Pinnacle offers the ability to eliminate distractions from your clips.

Ultimately, Pinnacle Studio provides the complete package when it comes to the best sports highlight video editing software and creating a professional video. If you’re a beginner you will appreciate the user-friendly interface and drag and drop shortcut tools.

Pinnacle Studio is my #1 choice due to their powerful features and affordability.

Get started with Pinnacle Studio today.


2. Adobe Premiere Pro CC

Unless you live under a rock, you’ve heard of Adobe in one form or another haha. Adobe premiere Pro CC is a leader in the video editing software industry. It comes equipped with all the bells and whistles, which also in return, means it can be very overwhelming for a video editing beginner.

Afraid of a new challenge? You shouldn’t be. With the proper patience and will power, getting acclimated with Adobe to edit your sports highlights can be very rewarding. Lucky for you there are dozens of “how to” videos on YouTube. In my opinion this is the best one 🙂

Adobe Premiere Pro CC For Beginners

[su_youtube url=””]

What I find most beneficial in learning a new skill is to follow along. If you do decide to go with Adobe Premiere, when you watch this tutorial for beginners, make sure to follow along as they go through each feature. If you learn not only by watching, but doing, this is a great way to fast track yourself to become an editing professional!

The great thing about Adobe software is that it is compatible with other CC products such as, Adobe After Effects, Adobe Audition, and Adobe Stock.  This means that if you wanted to include any motion graphics templates from Adobe Effects or Adobe Stock you can download them directly without having to leave Adobe Premieres dashboard. This will allow for a faster, more efficient editing environment.

One great notable feature is Adobe Premieres ability to support multiple formats.

Here, you can support native video formats and:

  • No longer have to waste time finding free conversion tools
  • Ability to add videos right from your device to the editing software

Color grading is also a great feature offered by Adobe Premiere that will help enhance indoor/outdoor lighting shots. Lumetri color tools allow your color curve adjustments to become more precise and accurate. If you ever need the option to remove the background on a green screen, the chroma key is the perfect feature for you.

When it comes to sports highlights, sound can play an important role. It’s up to you what sounds you want to include from your shots and Adobe Premiere can help. The essential Sound Panel has innovative sliders that allows you to easily add effects to your sound. Effects such as, stereo balance, compression, amplification, reverb, and flangers. Adobe Audition can take your audio to levels only the professionals can achieve.

There’s no question why Adobe Premiere is the complete package you need in order to create a compelling, professional video. If you’re a beginner you’ll appreciate their easy-to-use dashboard that offers drag and drop tools, along with a mobile app.

Premiere Pro is a great option for creating top notch sports highlights, because of it’s vast features and the free trial is a nice bonus.

Get started with Adobe Premiere Pro today.


3. Corel VideoStudio Pro

Utilize enhanced video stabilization from VideoStudio Pro. Often times clips from sports can be very intense. A breakout play in football or basketball can leave the cameraman performing a fast panning movement to keep up on the players for the perfect shot. This usually leads to a shaky video that is no longer useful.

With video stabilization from VideoStudio Pro you can make real-time corrections and improvements to that shaky hand-held footage. Turn other wise useless footage into usable action shots with the enhanced proDAD Mercalli video stabilization.

This software comes with a slideshow maker which helps create slideshows with easy to use template options. Just add your video or pictures to it. You can combine your media and audio on multiple tracks.

Want to step up your sports highlight videos even further? The MultiCam Capture Lite feature allows you to record your screen and webcam at the same time, so you could be your very own sports caster haha. How cool is that?

VideoStudio software also provides all vital editing tools, so you can trim, split video, and crop clips all directly on your timeline. This also allows for adjusting your videos aspect ratios and rotating clips to your liking however you choose.

Like the other two video editing software options listed above, this software also comes equipped with color correction features. By using auto-tune adjustments and saturation, this allows you to add or subtract colors and lighting in your videos.

Furthermore, you also have the option to place subtitles in your videos, record voiceovers, and fade or layer with audio ducking.

More great features include:

  • Custom motion path graphics
  • Zoom and Pan
  • Drag and drop
  • Optimized 4k playback
  • Multi-camera editing options
  • Batch processing

VideoStudio Pro offers a 30 day money back guarantee. It’s a win-win.

Get started with Corel VideoStudio Pro today.


4. Wondershare Filmora

Wondershare Filmora claims to have over 77 million users around the world. That’s an insane amount of users! There must be a reason for it. Let’s figure out together.

This video editing software is compatible with both Windows and Mac. It comes equipped with drag and drop features, templates, audio, filters, soundtracks, and much more. Motion tracking, green screen and split-screen effects are among a few more great features.

Keyframing is a great bonus feature that allows for custom animations to be added between clips, while Motion tracking assists with object tracking. Another great feature is the color matching feature. With this you can take color settings from one customized clip and apply it to several other clips in your video.

Additionally, this video editing software allows you to assign hot keys. Hot keys are most popularly used when day trading. They allow users to create short cuts on a keyboard to perform certain tasks or use different tools with just the click of a keyboard button. It’s very efficient and if set up properly could save you a lot of time.

Furthermore, for saving time and working efficiently, be sure to use the drag and drop features. This is best utilized when adding clips, audio, titles, transitions, filters etc. I know I mention the drag and drop a lot. It’s because I live and die by it. It saves editors like myself a lot of time and will do the same for you.

Similar to some of the other software reviewed above, this too has the green screen feature that allows you to change or remove the background from any of the clips in your video. Audio ducking is also available, which will reduce background sound and allow fading of one audio track into another.

Other great features include:

  • Upload directly to YouTube
  • Special effects
  • Color grading
  • Windows and Mac compatible
  • Keyboard tools shortcuts


Wondershare Filmora is available on a month to month, annual, or lifetime basis. Depending on your use case, you could quite easily get away with only using it for a month or two.

All plans are backed by a 30 day money back guarantee.

Get started with Wondershare Filmora today.

[su_button url=”” target=”blank”]Try Wondershare Filmora[/su_button]


5. Adobe Premiere Elements

It should come as no surprise that Adobe Premiere Elements has a good understanding of their users wants and needs. Any new editor that has a desire to create professional and compelling videos can now do so without mastering professional, complex software such as, Premiere Pro or Final Cut Pro.

This makes Adobe Premiere Elements one of the best options for video editing beginners.

Take advantage of Adobe elements. Not only is it extremely easy to use, but you can also go fairly far with the keyframe and multitrack based editing, or you can take the easy, safe route and utilize more of the automatic tools – which are great for editing sports highlight.

Three modes to choose from to create your sports highlight videos: Quick, Guided, and Expert.

Quick mode is exactly how it sounds – quick. Just select the clips or media you want and Adobe will insert and arrange it all on the timeline for you. It will also automate video stabilization, motion tracking, and make any adjustments to toning, called smart toning.

Guided mode is perfect for seeing all Adobe Element has to offer. Think of it as a live walk through tutorial. As you select certain tools and choose different effects, the software educates you and suggests tips. What a better way to learn, right? I always learn by doing, so if you’re anything like me, you’ll love this feature.

Lastly, expert mode allows more experienced editors to have free reign and control everything on your own. I told you Adobe knows their userbase haha. Adobe Element covers both beginners and experts all in one software. However, Element isn’t the most advanced compared to Adobe Premiere, but it’s certainly a great entry-level video editing software.

You can’t go wrong with a free trial either – which they offer.

All around, it’s a great versatile option for both Windows and Mac users. Get started with Adobe Elements today.

What is Video Editing Software?

Video editing software is the greatest solution for making the most professional sports highlight videos. It allows you to take the greatest moments in sporting events from athletes performances.

Editing software allows you to import your raw footage, cut and crop the best plays, enhance lighting, add text or music. It helps you modify and edit that 48 minute game (depending on the sport) and turn it into a 3 minute action packed sports highlight video.

Video editing feature breakdown:

  • Cut out useless footage
  • Crop out unwanted backgrounds
  • Add smooth transitions and special effects
  • Remove sound or add music
  • Enhance lighting

What To Look For in Video Editing Software

Here are some key features and components when considering what editing software to choose.

  • Easy To Import Video – Make sure you can easily import your raw footage from your device or computer to the software. This is very important as it’s the first step in being able to edit your sports highlights.
  • Lighting Adjustment Options – Specifically for indoor/outdoor filming, make sure the software you choose can adjust the lighting in your clips.
  • Video Transitions – You are going to want to have the option to seamlessly blend clips together – transitions are the key recipe in order to do so.
  • Speed – You may want to put that awesome sports highlight in slow motion. Make sure this is a feature on your video editing software.
  • Audio Changes – In order to create a professional video you may want to edit the sound play back and have the option to remove some of the background noise. Having the option to mute clips and add some of your own sound by commentating can be a great touch to a highlight video.

If you think I missed something please let me know in the comments. You can never go wrong with a free trail to get a feel for the options and features you may specifically require for your style of editing. That’s the wonderful thing about editing, everyone has their own style. There is really no right or wrong way to edit.

Best Video Editing Software for Sports Highlights Conclusion

I enjoyed writing this review. Whether you’re just entering the video editing world, or a seasoned veteran, I hope this guide was informational.

If you’re looking for the best overall video editor, I recommend Adobe Premiere Pro

My recommendation for absolute beginners that shy away from a little challenge, try Pinnacle Studio. It’s very user friendly and easy to use.

Mac users have access to iMovie, although I’m not the biggest fan of the software, so I don’t recommend it. I always had a difficult time saving and exporting the videos I made.

If you use a software that you love that I didn’t mention please share in the comments. I would love to check it out!

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