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Killer Tips On How To Practice Javascript? 

Killer Tips On How To Practice Javascript

Javascript, for most people, is the first programming language to learn. To be good at any programming language, you need to be familiar with the workings of Javascript, its algorithm, and syntax. 

Therefore, you must acquire knowledge and practice Javascript as a budding or established programmer. 

So, let’s answer the question. 

How You Can Effectively Practice Javascript

You know what they say, “practice makes perfect”. Javascript is a pivotal part of your excelling in the usage of other programming languages. So, it would be best if you practiced till you’re good at it. 

Here are a few ways to practice Javascript:

Build projects:

If you are a beginner, you can write simple codes to learn how it works.

Join the Javascript community:

You can join the Javascript community. In this community, you have great chances of learning from other programmers.

You can participate in one on one meetings, forums, or groups. You can also practice what you know by sharing what you know with those who require assistance or advice.

Solve code challenges:

You can solve code challenges through online groups or websites. You don’t always have to build an entire application to practice solving a specific problem. There are also blogs and forums for dealing with more complex issues.

Improve previous projects:

By adding more features to your project, you can improve your code and practice. 

If you have an idea for how to change the code, go ahead and do it. Try different approaches to the same problems, track performance, and pay attention to good coding practices. It’s a fantastic idea.

Collaborate with other developers:

Join an open-source project and learn from other developers who work on the project. This advice is especially for developers with junior-level knowledge. 

Understanding What Javascript Is? 

Javascript is a programming language that lets you make web pages interactive and engaging. This programming is text-based, and you can use it for both the server-side and the client’s side. 

A common example is refreshing your Twitter feed or the search box on an online store. So, Javascript takes a page from basic and static to engaging. It gives web pages personality. 

What Are The Uses Of Javascript? 

Javascript is typically for web browsers and applications, although it does stop at its two main uses. It is used for several different things in servers, software, and certain hardware control. Here are some of the things you can use Javascript for:

To make your web page interactive:

Users can interact with web pages using JavaScript. There are almost no restrictions to what you can do with JavaScript on a web page. 

The different things you can do ranges from playing videos or audio on a web page to zooming in and out on web images. 

Develop games:

Creating games is one way to practice your Javascript skills because you can use them to create browser games. 

Develop mobile apps and web apps:

JavaScript frameworks often get used by developers to create mobile and web apps. The frameworks that are mostly used are front end, Angular, React, Vue, and React Native. 

For building simple web servers:

Aside from the usual apps and websites, you can use your Javascript to build simple web servers. 

Why Should You Choose Javascript Over Other Programming Languages? 

A developer should choose Javascript over the others for many reasons. Some of them include 

  • It is the most popular language. 
  • It is the web browser’s typical language. 
  • learning it is fun 
  • Starting is not complicated. 

Where Can You Learn Javascript For Free? 

If you’re interested in learning Javascript, there are resources on the internet that would give you the knowledge you require at no cost. Here are websites where you can learn Javascript for free: 

Code combat:

Just because Javascript is a simple and effective way to make your web page more functional, it doesn’t mean that it is easy to learn independently. 

The Code Combat platform is a multipurpose platform. It allows its users to learn all they can learn about computer science while they have fun with real-time games. 

The courses they offer have been tested. These courses are supposed to bring the best results from students and teachers. Even people with little or no programming knowledge can take the courses and acquire good enough knowledge. 

It has a programming language course where you can learn the basics of Javascript. 

It has some web development courses. 

In a nutshell, this is a website for people new to programming and students as well. By following the courses, you can learn the fundamentals of JavaScript in a short period.


Code school is your go-to website for all things technology. They offer courses on programming languages, e.g., Javascript. They also offer courses on web development frameworks, for example, React and Angular. 

This website went from being a theoretical learning site to allowing both theory and practical after purchasing Code School. Code School makes you learn about web technology by making you do it. They are hands-on with learning. 

One of the best Javascript courses on the website is JavaScript Fundamentals by Liam McLennan. 

To take courses on the Pluralsight website, you would need a membership. The Pluralsight membership costs $29 per month or $299 annually with a 14% discount. 

With a Pluralsight membership, you can access over five thousand courses on all the trendy and useful web technology topics, such as machine learning, back, and front-end development. Their curriculum includes quizzes, certification, and different helpful exercises. 

Think of it as Netflix. Pluralsight is to the web technology industry what Netflix is to the movie industry. Ask a Netflix user what he or she thinks of life without Netflix, and you would be shocked by their reactions. 

Learning is a major part of your job if you’re going to remain at the top of your game. A Pluralsight membership can keep or take you where you want to go in web technology. 

If you’re skeptical about paying for membership before knowing the quality of courses available, don’t worry. They offer a 10-day free trial without commitment. So, you can go through the courses and see what you’re paying for before you pay. 


Udemy has a myriad of online courses on web technology and programming languages. These courses are on some of the latest topics on web technology. You would find courses in Spring, Javascript, selenium, Spring, etc. 

Udemy offers paid and free courses. These paid courses are affordable, and many times, they go at cheaper rates (but this during flash sales alone) 

The streets of udemy are flowing with courses that can give you the knowledge you need. You would find Javascript courses (free and paid) that would boost your knowledge and more. 

A common example of an encompassing Javascript course in udemy is “The Complete JavaScript Course 2021: Build Real Projects” by Jonas Schmedtman. It encompasses what you need to know about Javascript and what you need to know as a web developer. 

Make sure you go through the list of courses on Javascript to make a good choice. You can use suggestions as well. 


Codecademy is an excellent website to acquire knowledge on all things technology, but it is also the best online platform (arguably) to learn Javascript. 

Although Codecademy has added Linux command line, Java, and many other web technology courses to their site, they are mostly known for their interactive Javascript courses. They allow every learner to learn at a pace that works best for them. 

If you’re not sure about the quality fo their Javascript courses, look at how many people enroll for their courses. They sometimes have over five million students for a course which is a lot for a free course. 

Codecademy is arguably the best Javascript learning platform, and you should maximize the quality they offer. 


Unlike Codeschool and Codecademy, Mozilla is not interactive. It is detailed but not interactive. So, it is mostly for programmers who are fine with detailed information and want to learn independently without “significant” guidance. 

Are you searching for official Javascript information? Then Mozilla is your go-to site. 

Javascript Projects You Can Do To Practice Javascript 

Here are a few projects to help you practice and sharpen your Javascript skills:

  • Build  a JavaScript map
  • Build a JavaScript authentication bar and login 
  • Create a JavaScript clock
  • Create JavaScript sliding drawers 
  • Terminalizer
  • Webpack 
  • Workbox
  • Prettier 
  • Build a JavaScript To-do list 
  • Create  Javascript Mouseover element 
  • Nano ID
  • Webpack monitor 
  • Create a JavaScript tip calculator 
  • Build a JavaScript game 
  • Build a JavaScript quiz 
  • Maptalks
  • Reaction 
  • Create a JavaScript navigation toggle 
  • AR. Js 


Javascript is a game-changing programming language for many reasons. These reasons are most likely to learn other programming languages; you need to have a solid hold on Javascript. 

Like everything else that is related to technology, Javascript is improving. Therefore you must acquire knowledge and practice the knowledge acquired. 

This post is an overview of how to practice Javascript effectively and what Javascript is all about. 

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