Is Geek App Safe? This Is What You Should Know

If you’re seeking trendy cut-price products, Geek App could be your best bet. The online marketplace also promises to make online shopping fun and easy. 

Truly, Geek App boasts loads of must-have products, which range from electronics to everyday gadgets and more. 

But then, it’s the discounts and wide range of products on Geek App that endears online shoppers to the platform. Geek also connects buyers with sellers. 

However, if reviews are anything to go by, everyone that’s planning to use Geek App should be having a rethink. 

This leaves us with a very crucial question. 

Is the Geek App Safe?

Well, the app itself is safe. Geek App has real products and sellers. Plus, when you order items, they’ll be delivered to your doorsteps. 

However, Geek App is more like eBay than Amazon. Items sold on the platform are from third-party vendors based in China. 

Now, here’s why you may consider not using the Geek app. Since the goods are coming from China, delivery time could be an issue. Products shipped from China to the United States would take a while to get there. 

Additionally, there have been negative reviews from real buyers regarding the quality of products from Geek App. 

So, even if the app is legit, you can’t say the same for the sellers. There’s no guarantee that products bought from the platform would be of good quality. And the Geek app’s return policy isn’t encouraging.   

Reviews Of The Geek App

Geek is a popular shopping app, which offers buyers the opportunity to save up to 80% off most of the ingenious items.

Although the Geek app offers low prices on all trending items, most customers have expressed dissatisfaction with how they operate.

Disadvantages Of Using The Geek App

Poor delivery process:

Many customers have complained of Geek app’s flawed delivery process. One may have to wait for days to get your package. In addition, Geek app may change your package’s delivery date at will. 

Another issue with Geek App’s delivery is that they do not comply with the order delivery schedule. Plus, what you ordered may be different from what you get. 

Furthermore, they can make illegal changes to your order without your approval or legal authorization. 

Bad refund policy:

The Geek app has a horrible refund policy. If you are dissatisfied with your package after 30days, you won’t get a refund. 

Also, if your ordered package takes longer than 30 days, you don’t get the item at all.

Horrible customer service:

You get an automated email system instead of interacting with human customer service during your delivery process. 

This automated mail consists of programmed pre-written bot lines. For example, if you have any complaints regarding your order, you have to select the chat not to explain your issues.

 In addition, they have poor telephone answering skills. You cannot call them to discuss what your issues are. The telephone number that they provided in the app has an automated response to calls. 

So, shopping in the app means you might not be interacting directly with humans. 

Poor accountability of missing Items:

Package delivery with the Geek app is a complicated process. Some items from the package you ordered may go missing.

 You will be left trying to figure out what went wrong by yourself because of their poor customer service experience. 

You may even try to seek compensation or a refund for there’s a high possibility that Geek will not refund your money. 

However, below are a few benefits of using the Geek app.

Some Benefits Of Using The Geek App

  • The app has a simple ordering and checkout system
  • It provides a variety of payment options.
  • Geek app offers mouth-watering discounts of up to 80% are available on certain items.
  • Geek is an online store with a great collection of new gadgets and items.
  • The app allows you to create a distinct user profile.

How The Geek App Works

The Geek app has an in-built shopping cart that allows you to buy any goods directly from your iOS device.

 Geek is an excellent app for your iPhone and iPad that Context-Logic created. 

Currently, it is one of the hottest ecommerce iOS apps. The following are steps to follow to use the Geek app for your shopping spree.

Install the Geek app:

The software is completely free to download and use on any iOS device. 

Launch the app:

When you first launch the app, you’ll be prompted to sign in with your email address, Google account, or Facebook profile.

Making use of the app:

After registration, you’ll find the app a breeze to use. In addition, you can personalize your profile and communicate with other Geek users. 

The app also uses your profile to provide you with better product recommendations and juicy discounts.

The app’s home screen displays the most current product and discounts. When you scroll down the screen, you will see hundreds of new items.

Each item has its image, description, and ordering details. If you wish to buy something, you can click the product image to check the details.

Pay your bills:

After clicking on the shopping cart button to purchase any item listed on Geek. 

The app’s checkout platform will open on a new screen, and you may complete the transaction by submitting your billing information. 

The Geek app accepts credit cards, debit cards, Google Wallet, PayPal, and other payment methods.

Features Of The Geek App

The integrated shopping cart platform is one of Geek’s most remarkable features. You may order and pay for any product directly from your mobile device with only a few clicks. 

Geek has a user-friendly interface that makes online shopping a convenient experience. The software also includes a simplified checkout form, which is linked to your profile.

To view different items, gadgets, or devices, you can scroll down the screen. Likewise, you can also use the app’s search icon to locate particular items.

With the Geek app, you can include many items to your wishlist cart as you want. In addition, the app automatically saves items on your wish list so you can access them later.

How You Can Shop Safely On The Geek App

Online shopping using the Geek app is an amazingly great way to buy gadgets at low prices. On Geek, you can find bargains and save money. 

However, there is an increased risk of being scammed or losing your money or card details to cyber theft with online shopping. 

You can have a safe and secure online buying experience if you follow a few basic rules. Here are easy ways to help you shop safely online.

Check out online retailers to ensure they’re legit dealers:

Are you dealing with a retailer or using a website you’ve not used before? Search for them online to see if they have any negative feedback.

Check to see if the e-commerce app or website is safe:

Keep an eye out before your credit card information on e-commerce websites. 

Remember, a secure website does not indicate that the vendor is trustworthy.

Understand your rights as well as the company’s refund policy:

Before shopping, you need to know the company’s estimated delivery time.

 In addition, you should be aware of the refund policy. You should be skeptical if an online shopping website doesn’t have one. 

Knowing your rights and the company’s policy will assist you if your item is not delivered or arrives damaged.

Update your device software and virus protection:

Ensure your anti-virus and software are both up to date. 

Frequently updating these two apps can help protect you and your devices from scammers and internet criminals.

Protect your online accounts with strong passwords:

Always use a combination of upper case, number, lower case, and special characters when creating passwords for your online accounts. 

In addition, you can try to create strong passwords using a phrase or sentence.

Avoid using public Wi-Fi. It’s more secure to use a regular data connection:

Don’t shop online using public Wi-Fi at coffee shops, shopping malls, or other public places.

It would make sense if you avoided public Wi-Fi because it is insecure. Hackers can gain access to information exchanged while connected to these networks.

You can pay with a credit card:

You’ll be better protected that way. In addition, scammers won’t be able to acquire your bank account information if you use internet services like PayPal.

Stay alert:

If an offer appears to be too good to be true, it most likely is.


The Geek app is a legitimate online shopping app. You may place an order and have it delivered. Their goods are typically cheap with mouth-watering discounts. Hence, they have a low price tag attached to them. 

However, you may have challenges ordering your items from them. Devices, especially those that are electronic, have a high risk of failure.

In addition, you may be unimpressed with their flawed delivery system, horrible customer care service, and poor refund policy, amongst others. 

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