Is Allavsoft Safe? What You Should Know About Allavsoft Product

Allavsoft video downloader has become one of the most used online applications because of its effectiveness and simple user interface. It is a tool you can download and install on your device and then use it to convert and merge videos without creating changes that will create a mess of your content. Allavsoft can download contents from top websites, including YouTube, Spotify, Vimeo, and Facebook. It can also download content from different channels, including MP4, MP3, AVI, WAV, and MOV.

So, Is Allavsoft Safe to Use?

Yes, Allavsoft is safe to use. It came with no hidden malicious content, and downloaded videos wouldn’t corrupt your device.

How Does Allavsoft Work?

Allavsoft is very easy to use, and it comes with a plain user interface that even a novice can navigate through. You can download the app or use the website. To use the website, copy the video URL link you want to download, paste it on the Allavsoft search bar, and click on download. Your download will be automatically saved in the folder you select on your desktop by default.

The app works by first converting the files to be downloaded in your preferred format. Please make sure you choose your output format before downloading because it will download in MP4 by default. The quality of output video is always high, and you can switch to the premium version of the app to enjoy even more features. Allavsoft is available online for free.

The Allavsoft User Interface

The Allavsoft user interface is quite simple. At the top, you will see the File, Edit, Download, Convert, Action, and Help. These features are highlighted in blue. Below these labels are the play, pause, download, folder, record, and Stop symbols.

Below the symbols are; Downloads, activity, convert and Merge. The activity includes a section where you see the contents you have downloaded and saved. You can use the convert feature to change video formats from one form to the other. The merge feature can help you merge different videos and edit them without creating confusion.

Below the activity, merge and convert line is a box where you can paste your video URL links and download. Make sure you tick the box that states “automatically convert to” and choose the format you want your video output.

Remember that Allavsoft can be downloaded on different platforms, including Windows, Android, IOS, and Mac operating systems. Though the software is safe, the premium version comes with a monthly subscription.

Most of the fees charged through monthly subscriptions often go through updates. It is important that you update your Allavsoft software from time to time to prevent lags. You can also opt to purchase a lifetime license that comes with unlimited lifetime updates.

Reasons Why Allavsoft Is Safe

There have been no file corruption cases with Allavsoft except you are downloading a link that has been corrupted from the source or your computer has problems.

From most user review platforms, Allavsoft scores high in video output quality and availability of different formats. It is an excellent choice for media downloads.

Allavsoft has deployed several layers of encryption and also relies on a well-trusted antivirus protection option to safeguard the application for its users. This is the reason why you will get an alert if the file you want to download is not supported or it comes with malicious content.

If your Allavsoft app version has issues, be sure to uninstall it and then download the newest version with all updates. When you uninstall an app, make sure you remove every leftover from the app before downloading and installing new ones. You may want to contact customer care online if you have issues downloading a new version of the application.

What Are The Allavsoft Download Formats And Qualities To Choose From?

Allavsoft comes with a free video converter, which means you don’t need a secondary app to convert your videos. The video converter also allows you to choose different formats for different videos.

Users always have total control over the output formats of their video content. Even if you merge your video, you can still change it from one format to another. This software will initially pull your video in its original quality and format right from the website source.

Unfortunately, you can only reduce the quality of a video, and you can’t increase it. You can always switch from one format to the other except in cases where conversion is not supported. The most popular formats for which you can download or convert one video to the other include; MP4, AVI, MP3, WMV, OGV, FLV, Apple ProRes, DV, TS, WEBM, and VOB.

Which Website Can You Download From, On Allavsoft?

This app will download videos from just any popular website. It can download content from your social media websites, including Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. It can also download content from YouTube, Daily motion, and movie streaming websites.

All you need to do is copy the video URL and then paste it on the box provided on the Allavsoft website and download the content. Don’t forget to choose the format you want the output video to be downloaded, and these format options are located beside the download box.

With this easy usage of Allavsoft, you don’t need any other application for video conversion as it is a standalone application. Allavsoft also comes with an automatic download that ensures the targeted folder is where your downloads go.

For top video sites like Netflix, you can download movies in HD and 4k resolutions directly to your computer.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) And Answers To Common Questions About Allavsoft

The following are answers to common questions on Allavsoft;

1. Are Their Coupons for Allavsoft Premium Purchase?

Yes, there are coupons for discounts on Allavsoft premium version purchases. Though the basic Allavsoft is available for free and you can use all its download and video conversion and editing features for free. The all-time Allavsoft license can cost up to $53.99, and with this, you don’t need any update or upgrade. Just install the version and use it for life. Some third-party sellers like do offer discount codes like OUTWITTRADE to claim special prices.

2. Does Allavsoft Work for Mac?

Yes, Allavsoft works for Mac, but it has to be one of the recent Mac versions from 2010 upwards. You might want to upgrade your Mac OS before you install this software.

3. What are the Major Allavsoft Downloaders Online?

There are many alternative video downloaders you can find online, but very few of them can compete with Allavsoft.

4k video downloader is one of the most trusted alternatives to Allavsoft. The software claims to be compatible with just any video source and also comes with the subtitle option. You can also pick your video quality here, just like in Allavsoft, and the software supports 4k, HK, 8K, 3D, and 360-degree videos. Upon some research, you will discover that this software wouldn’t download videos from certain websites.

ClipGrab is another online video downloader that is described as a straightforward app with the ability to convert videos. It also comes with an option to extra audio from video and can support downloads from popular video sources. The ability to extra audio from video means you can save the content in MP3 format. This video downloader may not be available for all operating systems.

The VideoProc video downloader is also a popular option to consider. This is multi-purpose software that is compatible with all devices. It is easy-to-installed and also comes with free upgrades for life. This software is easy to install and can open all video formats. One issue here with this software is that it comes with no Linux version, just like much other software out there.

The video hunter makes this list of one of the best video downloaders because it supports up to 1000 websites. Unfortunately, you will get a limited number of features in the free version. This software will preserve the original quality of your downloaded video, and it also features an in-built proxy integration. With this software, you can also download subtitles.

Any video converter completes the top five lists of popular video downloaders online; This software comes with a wide range of input formats, plus with extras such as CDs, DVDs, and Blu-ray discs burning option. The quick conversion process also makes it suitable for multiple downloads.


The Allavsoft downloader is completely safe to use because it has a very secure user interface. Though you don’t need antivirus software for this application, you still need one on your computer to protect it from malicious content present on download sites. Since Allavsoft has multiple encryption layers and firewalls, the software can’t be affected by malicious contents, but your vulnerable computer may be affected even before you download any content. For this reason, you should avoid downloading content from unsafe websites.

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