Is 24mbps Good For Streaming? Read Before You Start Streaming Videos

If you plan on streaming top-quality videos online, you’ll need to make sure your internet connection can handle it. Regardless of how much you pay for your internet connection, it is easy to find yourself getting frustrated by slow speeds.

If you can’t remember the last time you connected your television to the internet, you’re not alone. Online video streaming has become the new normal. Whether on our smartphones, PCs, or TVs, we can stream videos whenever and wherever we want.

Video streaming is also one of the most bandwidth-intensive activities most people do online. Considering how many videos we have to watch online, it is absolutely important that we have strong internet connectivity so we can watch our favorite videos without difficulty.

Now, let’s address the question.

Is 24Mbps good for streaming?

Yes it is, though streaming experience depends on video quality. According to Netflix, users need at least 25Mbps to stream 4K media content. But Amazon has stated that with 15 Mbps, users can stream high-quality videos with ease.

You should also consider the number of persons that would be connecting to your internet service from time to time. But if you can get 24 mbps consistently, you should be good to go.

Keep reading for more information on this subject.

How Much Broadband Do I Really Need For Streaming?

You don’t need to pay for more internet speed than you need. With the perfect network speed for your needs, you can enjoy quality service with no downside.

No matter what streaming service you have, you’ll need about 3mbps for SD, 8Mbps for HD, and around 25mbps for 4K Ultra HD. However, you should note that these recommendations are only relevant if you’re running one online activity at a time.

We will be showing you the recommended speeds for some of the most popular streaming platforms below.

What Is Bandwidth?

When talking about internet speeds, you’re bound to see words such as Bandwidth and Mbps being used often. Bandwidth refers to the speed at which you can download and upload data from and to the internet on your network. Bandwidth is measured in megabits per second or Mbps, so the more bandwidth you consume, the faster your internet access.

Bandwidth is assigned to your network plan. So if you purchase a 500Mbps data plan, your internet provider gives you 500 Mbps which is divided amongst all the devices connected at any given time. So before choosing a bandwidth plan, you should factor in your internet activities, so you pick a plan that fits you best.

You should note that activities like online gaming and video streaming tend to take up more bandwidth than other web activities like browsing.

How Much Speed You Need For Netflix

Netflix has published its recommended internet speed for users to enjoy watching videos used on the different video qualities. Below are the recommendations for how fast your internet connection should be for streaming on a single device.

If you have multiple devices on your network, you need to make sure that the device you’re using to watch Netflix gets the recommended bandwidth.

Video quality Recommended speed by device
Minimum requirements 0.5 Mbps
Recommended speed 1.5mbps
SD streaming 3mbps
HD streaming 5mbps
Ultra HD streaming 25mbps

How Much Speed You Need For Apple TV+

Apple hasn’t given its users any official requirements to enjoy its video streaming services. But like most other streaming platforms, it automatically adjusts the quality of the video to match your download speed. However, many users have measured their bitrate for 4k streams at roughly 29mbps.

With that in mind, we recommend that your internet connection should be at 25mbps – 30mbps if you want to watch smooth 4k quality. The devices you use in watching videos on Apple TV+ also influence the video quality.

Video quality Recommended speed by device
HD streaming 5 Mbps
4k streaming 25 Mbps

How Much Speed You Need For Hulu

Hulu’s speed recommendations are based on the video quality and the type of content you’re watching. Hulu’s video quality shares a lot in common with the plans you will find on Netflix. With that said, users can choose between its different resolution options to find the most suitable.

Video quality Recommended speed by device
Standard definition 1.5 Mbps
High definition (720p) 3 Mbps
High definition (1080p) 6 Mbps
4K Ultra HD 16 Mbps

How Much Speed You Need For Amazon

Amazon hasn’t done much in terms of giving speed recommendations. We could say that this is because it automatically adjusts video qualities to match users’ internet speed.

Amazon has also published the minimum broadband devices will need to access its streaming services. So if you’re watching on a supported device and experience streaming difficulties, you should consider changing your internet provider to a faster one.

Since we only have the minimum speed, 24mbps should be more than enough to satisfy your streaming needs.

Video Type Recommended speed by device
SD streaming 1Mbps
HD streaming 5mbps

How Much Speed You Need For HBO Now And HBO Go

As of when this article was written, neither HBO Now nor HBO Go has 4K streaming capabilities. HBO also doesn’t give you an option to stream in Standard Definition, so users can only watch High Definition videos on HBO. With that in mind, there is only one minimum requirement for seamless video streaming.

Video type Recommended speed by device
High Definition 5 Mbps

How Much Speed You Need For YouTube

As one of the most used video search engines, Google has done a great job of making its internet speed recommendations easy to read. YouTube also notes that if its users’ network speed can hit their recommendations, there are other factors that can still be of concern like:

  • The Wi-Fi performance
  • The number of devices connected to the network
  • The type of connection

Here are the internet speed recommendations for each video quality.

Video type Recommended speed by device
SD 360p streaming 0.7 Mbps
SD 480 streaming 1.1 Mbps
HD 720p streaming 2.5 Mbps
HD 1080 streaming 5 Mbps
4K streaming 20 Mbps

How Much Speed You Need For Disney+

Disney+, like many other streaming video service providers, has its speed recommendations. If you still experience frequent buffers when your connection is fast enough for 4k UHD video, it is worth mentioning that some titles aren’t available in this format.

Disney + has also made some changes to its streaming services as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic. It has instituted certain measures to lower bandwidth utilization, which potentially limits HD and UHD streaming.

Video type Recommended speed by device
HD streaming 5Mbps
4K UHD streaming 25Mbps

Why Your Internet Connection Slows Down And Their Solutions

In some cases, it’s possible you’re receiving more than enough broadband speed, but you’re still experiencing difficulties streaming. There are a number of reasons why this happens, which are listed below:

Internet connection type:

The type of network your device is connected to will also influence how many Mbps your device has at its disposal. DSL and satellite connections fall towards the lower end of the spectrum, while Fiber-optic or cable internet providers often offer the fastest internet connection.

According to the FCC, a cable internet connection provides an average speed ranging between 1.5 Mbps- 2,000 Mbps. Fiber optic internet leads cable speeds by tens and hundreds of Mbps. Satellite connections deliver speeds ranging from 500 Kbps up to 25 Mbps, and DSL internet connections range between 1.5Mbps and 2,000 Mbps.

Amount of users:

There is a big difference between your device using up to 100 Mbps and you having a 100Mbps plan. With up to 5 devices connected to a network, each device would see significantly less than 100Mbps.

At that point, your high internet connection has to share its bandwidth with all connected devices, so your streaming experience is more susceptible to lags.

Connection traffic:

Your connection traffic refers to the competition between devices connected on a network for bandwidth. When you have a high bandwidth device connected to your network while streaming, your device suffers a slower internet connection.

For example, connecting your gaming console to your network during internet rush hour can lead to slow internet speeds for lower bandwidth devices on that network. If you’re using a cable, it is possible that your network is slow because your neighbors are using up most of the bandwidth.

Internet throttling:

Sometimes, your internet service provider limits your bandwidth or slows your internet connection. This, of course, affects online video streaming and may cause lags. This term is commonly referred to as throttling in the industry. It is common to occur when a user has surpassed their monthly data limit.

Streaming activities:

You should also know that not all streaming activities have the same minimum Mbps requirement. Certain streaming activities require more data consumption because of certain features. Typically, the quality of the video you stream would require varying connection speeds. For example, a 4K UHD video would require far more data than an SD 360p video.


With this guide, you now know how much bandwidth your device would need to stream videos on several popular platforms. But we believe a fair answer to your question would be yes, 24 Mbps on your device should be enough to give you a lag-free streaming experience.

If your internet service isn’t fast enough for your streaming needs, you should consider an upgrade.

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