Details Of How To Unblock Yourself From Someone’s WiFI?

Customization option is a feature offered by WIFI network to system administrators. This feature enables them to block and unblock any user they want.

If, unfortunately, you have been restricted from a WIFI network, gaining access again to the network without the system administrator’s knowledge is possible.

But its possibility depends on how good the network administrator is, how you were blocked, the network and configuration, and what equipment was used in blocking you.

So, on the positive side, how to unblock yourself from someone’s WIFI? Here’s a way to go about it.

How To Unblock Yourself From Someone’s WIFI

To unblock yourself from a WIFI network, you have to login into the router with Admin or Guest username and the password. Find the WIFI block section, and uncheck your blocked device.

If you are in no position to access the Admin or Guest username and password, there are other ways to bypass the restriction placed on you.

To bypass, you will need to understand the way you were blocked. There are two possible ways you could have been blocked from the WiFi network.

  • Your personal WiFi username and password could have been blocked.
  • Or your device’s MAC address was blocked on the WiFi router.

If your login credentials to access the WiFi were blocked, impersonating another by using a different set of credentials to log in to the network will give you access to the WiFi. 

If your device(s) were blocked using your MAC address, you would have to change/spoof your MAC address to regain access to the WiFi connection.

How To Unblock Yourself From A WiFi Connection By Changing Your MAC Address

On Android

  • Download “terminal emulator app,” run it on your Android device and type “su,” then tap on “enter.”
  • Type “IP link show” and tap enter. Proceed to write down the interface name of your current network. For example, “wlan0”,  “eth0” or what could be yours.
  • Then type “busybox IP link wlan0”. The next page will display your current MAC address.
  • Change it by typing “busybox config wlan0  hw ether” before “XX:XX:XX:YY:YY:YY”. 
  • “XX:XX:XX:YY:YY:YY” should be the new address you are changing into. Then tap enter.
  • This process will assign you a new MAC address that will enable you to access the WiFi network of your choice.

On Laptop 

  • Open Your PC device manager on the control panel. In some laptops, this can be found in the system and security section.
  • Clicking on “Device Manager” will lead to a page with lists of hardware installed on your system. Expand the network adapter section to see installed network adapters.
  • Right-click on the adapter you use and select “properties.”
  • Click on the “Advanced Tab” and search for “Network Address” or “Locally administered address.” Input the new MAC address of your choice on the “Value field.”
  • Click ” Ok” and proceed to restart the PC to activate changes.

Spoofing your MAC address to gain access to a WiFi you were blocked in is relatively easy. Still, before knowing how to do so, you need to verify whether you were blocked or the network administrator just created a list of approved MAC addresses to access their network.

This information will assist you in knowing what MAC address to change into. If the network administrator created a list of approved MAC addresses, then you will have to change into one of the approved. If you were simply blocked, just switching to any MAC address will do.

Can You Unblock Yourself From A WiFi Network By Router Reset?

Yes, you can. This is a quick and painless method to unblock yourself from someone’s WiFi network if you have access to the WiFi router.

The downside of this procedure is that it resets the router’s login credential. Most cases will leave the router reverted to the default admin username and password. This method also means resetting the router to its factory settings, and here’s how to do it.

  • To reset the router to factory setting, keep the router plugged in and push the reset button for about 10 seconds or more.
  • Some router models blink to notify you of a complete factory reset. In contrast, some router models’ reset buttons are unreachable and can be pressed using paperclips or needles.
  • Then wait for the router to be powered.

Most router models have no reset button and can be reset using its configuration web interface. Here’s how to do it:-

  • Enter the IP address of the router into the search field of a web browser.
  • Then type in the username and password. If this hasn’t been changed, the default username and password can be found underneath or at the back of the router.
  • Navigate to the system or system tool menu and look for factory default or restore.
  • Tap on either one that appears and wait for the router to reboot.

Is It A Crime To Unblock Yourself From Someone’s WiFi?

In most parts of the world, yes! It is illegal to penetrate or circumvent someone’s WiFi network. Under most jurisdictions, you could be liable for theft.

Although most countries lack laws on issues pertaining to the penetration of restricted networks, the act is deemed immoral and unethical in all ends of the world. 

It is equivalent to breaking into a house without the knowledge of the homeowner, and then carting away non-sharable valuables.

The internet is becoming cheap; it is advisable that you get your own WiFi. Unblocking your device from a WiFi network that has restricted your access could lead to slow speed for the network administrator and extra payment for data.

Are You Likely To Be Blocked Again After Unblocking Yourself From Someone’s WiFi?

Yes, you can be blocked again even if you just succeeded in unblocking or circumventing someone’s WiFi network.

Changing your MAC address wouldn’t make you invisible on the administrator router’s web interface. Changing your MAC address only allows you to impersonate another network device; it doesn’t make you invisible to the eyes of the WiFi owner.

The WiFi administrator will likely see another network device on the web interface and block it without knowing it’s you. 

If you are using the MAC address of someone not restricted from the WiFi network, be careful as accessing the same network at the same time could leave some confusion and problems to yourself and the original owner of the MAC address. 

If investigated, you could be blocked again. There’s no end to the blocking and unblocking game. As it is impossible to hide your connection to the WiFi router from the router, you will always be noticed and blocked.

Can Damages Occur If You Unblock Yourself From Someone’s WiFi? 

Apart from incurring additional costs for purchasing data and having slow connections, the WIFI administrator whose network you unblock yourself from may incur no special damages.

But things could be different on your end. Accessing a WiFi network that’s not yours leaves you vulnerable to many things. The WiFi administrator can view the websites you browse on their WiFi network.

And with some effort, some of your login credentials, financial information, personal data, and pictures can be collected and used against you.

In addition, malware such as viruses, adware, trojan horse, or worms can be intentionally planted on your device by a WiFi provider whose network you succeed in unblocking. 

Although there are preventive measures to all these liable damages, the best of them all lies in avoiding WiFi networks that you have no control over. Other than that, using a VPN service when browsing will encrypt everything you send and receive, leaving you less prone to damages.

Can You Block Yourself After Accessing Someone’s WiFi?

This is unlikely If you have no access to the admin’s username and password. 

To block a person or yourself from a WiFi network, you will need to log into the WiFi router’s web interface with the Admin/Guest password and then proceed to block a device.

If this option doesn’t seem viable for you, discontinuing any connection you have with the WiFi network is just as good as blocking yourself.


So, how to unblock yourself from someone’s WiFi? Spoofing or changing your MAC address will do the trick. All you have to do is download some free apps on Google play store and run them on your device following some guided procedures.

There are lots of mac addresses generating websites to enable you to spoof or change your address.

Resetting the WiFi router to factory settings or logging into the router’s web interface are other ways to unblock yourself, but since the WiFi network is someone else’s’ not yours, this option becomes impractical.

So, in general, the procedure to unblock your device from a WiFi network is easy if you set your mind to it, but morally and ethically, this act is wrong and illegal in most jurisdictions.

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