How To Shift Lock On Computer- A Mini Guide To Special Character Keys On Your Computer

The shift lock, also known as Caps lock, is located over and close to the shift key that sits on your computer’s keyboard’s left side. The shift lock will automatically transform all characters being typed into capital letters until you switch back to the lower-case version. Sometimes, you have to introduce some unique functionality on your keyboard to make things faster; shifting the lock on the computer is one.

So, How do You Shift Lock on the Computer

To shift the lock on the computer, press the P button twice to select the modifier key and lock the check box.

Ways To Make Your Alt, Shift, And Control Key Toggle Like The Caps Lock

Getting unique functionality out of your keyboard can confuse many, especially those who rarely use such particular functionalities.

Windows computer comes with some in-built features that professionals often refer to as Sticky keys, and you can use them to hold down your modifier keys- Ctrl, Alt, Win, and Shift. When this in-built feature is activated on your computer, you need to press one of these modifier keys once, and it will act like it is being held down until you decide to click the mouse or press one of the regular or standard keys.

To prevent your mouse key from releasing any modifier keys, press any relevant key two times to lock it. You can activate any sticky keys by tapping on the shift key five times quickly, or go to the control panel and then tap on the Ease-of-access-center before clicking on the option to make the keyboard easier to operate. Complete the process by setting up your computer’s sticky keys.

Shifting Lock On Computer- Activating Your Sticky Keys

To activate your sticky keys that are also known as the modifier keys, you must go to your control panel on your computer and ensure that your device is displaying content in the classic view while all the icons are displayed on the control panel. If this is not the case, go to the left pane of the control panel, then click on the classic view and enter, this will automatically switch the pane to the classic view, and you can continue with the other process.

Once you are in the classic view, click-open the accessibility option, then a dialog box will open from the accessibility option. Check the box beside the sticky keys to start using them. To gain access to the sticky keys settings, press the S button, and the dialog box will open where you can find all other necessary keys.

You can press the U button from the dialog box to turn the sticky keys on or off by pressing the shift key in quick succession five times. You can select the P and press the button to choose your press modifier key twice and lock the check box. This action will allow you to lock a modifier key, especially after pressing it twice in rapid succession.

Press the T option to turn the sticky keys off, especially when pressing two modifier keys at once. With this step, you will turn off the sticky keys when a modifier key like alt, shift, or ctrl, along with another key, are pressed simultaneously.

To choose the Sound making mode, press the M button, and the modifier key you press will make a sound. With this action, a tone will be set and sound immediately; a modifier key like alt, ctrl, or shift is pressed simultaneously with another key.

To show the status of your sticky keys on the screen, press the S button, and this will instantly display a sticky key symbol on your computer’s taskbar, especially when any of the sticky keys are turned on.

  Shift-Locking on Touch Keyboard- Turning the Shift Lock on or off on Your Touch Keyboard (Windows 10 or 11)

To enable and disable shift lock on your Touch screen for your Windows 10 or Windows 11, you will need to use the Registry Editor. In most cases, you may have to type everything you want in the upper case within a program. This means there are two options to consider here; Using the Caps lock and pressing and holding down the shift key for a few seconds.

If you want to use the Caps button because of the speed of operation, you will have to press down and hold your shift key on your touch computer keyboard to complete the process. If, on the other hand, you are not using the shift key and the caps lock, you can follow another route.

Keep in mind that the shift lock can be enabled by pressing on the shift key twice in quick succession. Keep in mind that the shift lock will be deactivated once again if you press on the shift key again after the first quick-succession presses. If this becomes annoying, perhaps you may want to disable the shift lock for your touch keyboard. Also, you must keep in mind that a shift lock is absent in the traditional computer keyboard setting.

It is also important that you will change some values in your registry editor; computer experts have now recommended that you create a  system restore or registry backup for your files.

To turn the Shift Lock on for your touch keyboard on Windows 10 or 11, click on the Win plus the R button, and the run prompt will be opened. Type in Regedit and then click on the enter button before you click on the Yes button. Move to the HKCU, where you will find the TabletTip1.7, then click on the 1.7 on this link.

 Click on the New with an arrow pointing forward, then select the DWORD  with the 32bit value. It would be best if you created a new name for this, and that must be Enable shift lock. You have to double-click on this new name and put the new value at 1 for the data set. Once you complete the information input, click on the OK option and restart your windows explorer via the task manager.

Keep in mind that you need to open the Registry Editor on the computer. To open the Registry Editor, click on the Win+ R button, then the Run box will show up. Type in Regedit in the Run box before you hit the enter button. Click on the Yes option if the UAC appears on your screen.

Once you are done with the UAC screen, navigate to the part with a link that starts with HKEY_CURRENT and ends with 1.7. You will need to find the value of the enable shift lock at this point and to do this, right-click on end, which is 1.7, then click on the New before you press DWORD 32-bit value. You need to name this the Enable shift lock, which will be your new value. Double-click on this new value and enter 1, and this will be your final value.

You must not forget to click on the OK option to save all your changes, failure to do this will mean you have wasted all your efforts since the beginning of the process. From here, you can open the task manager and then restart windows explorer 10 or 11.

Keep in mind that you may have to restart your computer at different stages of performing these operations; hence you must have the battery full or at least support up to an hour of operations.

The Importance Of The Special Character Keys On Your Computer

In addition to speeding up certain functions on your computers, special characters o multi-function keys play certain roles that are quite beneficial for the computer user.

 Functional keys are added to your computer keyboard to launch certain applications, including the opening of a folder and providing shortcuts for some of the most widely used tasks. There are more than 10 special functionality keys on Windows operating systems; for instance, you can use some functional keys to access my computer or my documents or your pictures folder without launching the apps directly.

Functional keys also help you handle different tasks at the same time, especially when you have to open the tasks in different panes or windows.


Shifting a lock on a computer is very easy, as you can see from the explanations above. The numerous options of shifting locks and accessing your functional keys have also been explained. It can be slightly a change for many beginner computer users. You may have to practice the steps from time to time until you register them in your mind. You can use the special character buttons for different tasks at different times, though, but don’t forget that such keys are not designed to simplify just everything you want on the computer. Also, keep in mind that certain keyboards may not include all the functionality keys you want.

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