How To Pair iHome Bluetooth Speaker: The Best Sound System

Music is one of the most therapeutic and peaceful forms of stress relief. Nothing feels better than coming home after a long day to relax and listen to your favorite playlist. You should be able to sit anywhere in your house and enjoy the music as much as you want.

We also need an effective home system that can produce high-quality sound and music that you can enjoy from anywhere in the house. 

This is why you need a speaker that will allow you to continue with a call while you do your activities, let’s get into it;

How to Pair ihome Bluetooth Speaker

There are many different models, and they have varying features, but they are similar when it comes to Bluetooth connectivity.

You need to know the product name that will appear on your Bluetooth menu if you have several devices in your home.

The product’s name is usually indicated above the barcode and the serial number on the back of the box. 

Turn the speaker; when you do this for the first time, it will go into pairing mode automatically since it knows you want to pair it to your phone.

Take your smartphone and go to the Bluetooth settings. Turn on your Bluetooth to see any nearby devices, including the speaker.

If your device is not on the list, scroll down and click on the option to search for nearby devices and make sure the speaker is on.

Once it comes up on the list, click on it and allow it to pair; then afterward, you can connect it to the speakerphone the way you would any device. 

When a connection is established, you will get notified by the speakerphone, and the flashing color will change.

If you have already paired the speaker to your phone and want to change the phone, you will have to go back to the settings and Unpair your phone. 

If you turn it back on, it will not go into pairing mode automatically since you had already paired it.

To manually put it into pairing mode, you have to use the pause and play button on the speaker’s side. 

Hold the button down for two or three seconds until you hear two beeps, and it will go into pairing mode, then you can connect it to another smartphone.

iHome Speaker Review

Ihome’s portable speakers took the market by storm. They are rechargeable, and you can use them anywhere, which has made them very popular. 

Let us break down all the aspects of this device and see just how good it is and if it is the product for you.

This device is highly compatible; it will work with a phone, a tablet, iPad, or any other device you have that is Bluetooth enabled. These days all mobile devices are mobile-enabled so that you could use them with any device.

The device goes at around $20 but do not confuse this for low quality. The ihome speaker is made with high-quality materials, and you can be sure that it will serve you well. It uses lithium-ion batteries that can hold power for a long time, even when playing loud music.

You don’t need any special equipment; you can use your standard USB cable or phone charger to charge it effectively. When it is fully charged, the lights on it will change to blue.

The battery will hold power for about 7 hours even with the lights on. This makes it a good option for traveling or camping.

Having a portable speaker along with mobile media playing devices such as phones will make your life easier. 

You will have more freedom in terms of where you can enjoy your music, making you want the music even more.

Why Should You Get An iHome Speaker?

You must have co0me across an ihome speaker or any other kind of portable speaker at some point. 

These devices are becoming more common, and you must be wondering why you should get one for yourself. Well, here are some compelling reasons.

You have several options when it comes to lighting. You could change the patterns to the one you like better if you are not a fan of the default colors. You can turn off the lights to keep the battery on for longer if you want to.

Their small size is also convenient for you. Some models are nearly as small as a laptop mouse, so you could even carry them in your pocket. 

The biggest models are small enough for you to carry in a bag without feeling any significant additional weight.

The speaker comes with several cables with one header going into the speaker and two jacks for input devices. 

There is a USB header, and standard audio jack which will allow you to play music from any device in case Bluetooth is not a viable option for you.

The device is easy to use, but it still comes with a user manual. The manual is easy to understand, and it comes with everything you will need to know about the speaker.

The instructions are very visual to make each step simple for you. The volume goes with that of your device.

This means that you will only have to worry about the settings on one platform, and the other is ready to work at all times. This is much better than having to tune both the music playing device and the speaker.

The ihome speaker is a great device to have, and it has lots of pros going for it. You can carry it anywhere and enjoy high-quality music. You can go camping or on a trip with it, and you will have a lot of fun.

In addition, there are models which are waterproof, and newer models are getting better. A waterproof speaker increases the locations in which you can see it by a significant margin. All these come in while maintaining high-quality sound; this is a product you should look into.

How Does Bluetooth Work

With the rise of wearable and portable electronics, Bluetooth is getting more integrated into our lives. 

How much do you know about Bluetooth connectivity? Whatever you know, let us explain Bluetooth in a simple way for you to get how it works.

Bluetooth in itself is a wireless technology that is now used across virtually all devices. It is an invisible cable that links two devices together for data transfer. Bluetooth refers to the connectivity between enabled devices.

To establish a Bluetooth connection, there needs to be a signal and some hardware to support the link. 

On hardware, each device must have an antenna supply chip. This chip will decode, encode and transmit data through an antenna.

We have all connected two Bluetooth devices at some point. What happens is, the device that is set to be discoverable sends out a pinging signal which other Bluetooth devices in the range can detect. 

This is how you will see the speaker on your phone’s screen. Once you click on the speaker in your phone and connect the Bluetooth devices, you have formed a Piconet. A piconet is a micro-network of radio waves that communicate between devices.

These waves are only 15 meters long to prevent them from overlapping with other signals in the area. 

This is why the Bluetooth range on devices is not very large, and the signal will have a frequency of about 2.4GH.

The signal is not on one frequency; it hops to different frequencies about 1600 times each second. 

This keeps the devices connected and prevents static; competing signals cause that. This is also the trick to Bluetooth’s unbreakable security.

The wave moves too randomly and quickly for another user to tap into it and take the user’s data. In addition to this, there are numerous waves at one point, so it is nearly impossible to identify the correct frequency.

Bluetooth has been added to most mobile devices because it does not require too much power to work. 

The waves are short, and they communicate as little as possible thus, even a watch’s battery can sustain a Bluetooth connection.

Bluetooth allows you to communicate fast, efficiently, and securely without using too much power.

Even as humans make more advancements in technology, we still hold onto this incredible idea and improve it with new systems.


You can connect your ihome speaker to a music player using the provided cables for a PC, tablet, or computer. 

If you want more freedom, you can use Bluetooth. Long press the Bluetooth button, and it should get the speaker in pairing mode.

Pairing and connecting are standard, and you can do it the same way you would any other Bluetooth device. 

After pairing, you will be able to enjoy music and any other sound you put into the speaker without a hitch.

The speaker is rechargeable, and it has a high-quality battery. These make it an excellent choice to use anywhere, from the house, the office, a camping trip, or anything else. The uses only increase with newer and more flexible models coming to market each year.

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