How To Install Magnetic Sensor In Android – The Importance Of Magnetometer (Magnetic Sensor) In Android Devices

Fortunately, many Android devices come with magnetic sensors, also known as a magnetometer, especially modern devices. In some cases, older Android devices may not come with the feature, but there is a way you can install it inside. Your Android device needs a magnetometer if you want it to display a digital compass for specific readings. A magnetic sensor is free to install on any device; hence you don’t need to stress over an alternative installation option. 

So, How Can I Install Magnetic Sensor on Android?

The easiest way to install a magnetic sensor on your Android is to search for it on Google Play Store, download it, and install it appropriately. 

What You Should Know About The Magnetic Sensor (Magnetometer)

Just before you install a magnetic sensor in your android device, you should have the following information; 

1. What is a Magnetic Sensor?

A magnetic sensor can be described as a mini magnetic chip comprising magnetic-resistance components. There is a clip in the middle of this device that detects the behavior of any magnetic body. The detection of a magnetic body occurs based on the variation of resistance detected by the magnetic sensor. This feature is why the magnetic sensor is used for navigational or compass-related functions. 

2. Checking for Magnetic Sensor on Your Android Device

There are a few ways you can check if your Android smartphone has a magnetic sensor. Open your Android app and go to the sensor’s app; then, all the sensors already installed or factory-installed will be displayed, and you can check if the magnetic sensor is there. This option of checking will also display the magnetic sensor’s value, which indicates whether it is working or not. 

You can also check the availability of magnetic sensors on your Android smartphone over the internet. All you need is to go to the manufacturer’s website or use a random website and enter your Android device’s specs. You will see your device’s sensors and other details displayed.

3. What are the Features of the Magnetic Sensor App?

The magnetic sensor app is an alternative to the absolute magnetic sensor, and you can use it to perform all the functions of the magnetic sensor. 

You can use the magnetic sensor app for many things, including metal detection and compass. Some of the main features you will find on the magnetic sensor app are;

  • The MF meter.
  • Ability to use a compass with degrees to provide accurate directions.
  • Magnetic Field Sensor.
  • Measurement of magnetic fields on the X, Y, and Z-axis. 
  • A single tap application.
  • Capability to identify strength and origin of any magnetic field. 

4. How Can I Install Magnetic Sensor on my Android Phone?

The easiest way to install a magnetic sensor app on your android device is to go to Google Play Store, which is already on your Android device. From the search box on top of the Play Store, please search for the magnetic sensor and tap on it to download it. Keep in mind that your Android must be up-to-date before installing the app. Be sure to read the specific requirements for the app before downloading it. 

Wait for a few seconds to a few minutes for the app to download. The speed of download will depend on your internet connectivity strength. 

What Are The Magnetic Sensor Alternatives For Android Devices?

Some reliable alternatives work as magnetic sensor alternatives in the absence of a magnetic sensor for Android devices. These include the following;

1. The Accurate Compass

Accurate compass is an alternative magnetic sensor app for those who prefer mostly the compass features of the magnetic sensor. Developed by ABC Apps, this magnetic sensor alternative is rated as one of the best because of its numerous features. It will display your calibration notifications and provide a Google map service anytime. This app can help you find addresses of physical locations, and it also displays longitudes and latitudes. It offers a true heading and device slope. The app offers a great magnetic field strength and will also display the Horizontal level accurately. 

2. The Physics Magnetometer Toolbox

This is another magnetic sensor worth exploring for its efficiency. It was launched by Vieyra Software, and it comes with one of the easiest and most intuitive user interfaces to simplify usage. This app will measure in magnetic but displays results in graphs. As a user, you can also record the strengths of any magnetic field and then send them to emails or save them in Google drive in another format. 

3. The Compass Level and GPS

The Compass Level and GPS were developed and launched by LemonClip, and this magnetic sensor app is free of charge. This app combines the features of compass and GPS inside an application; hence you don’t need separate apps for these two functions. This app also works like a laser level to help you place furniture and other components accurately. 

Hiking hobbyists will love this app, especially for navigation and tracking. You can calibrate the compass and the leveler on this app. You can set the app to vibrate or give sound when in use. It also provides automatic vertical and horizontal leveling displays. You can use its Hold/release button for easy reading. The app also offers a screen-capture or screenshot feature. 

4. The Sense Toolbox

Also referred to as Sensor Sense Toolbox, this app is free for usage, just like many other apps on the list. Unfortunately, only devices with Android 5.0 or newer versions can use this app for navigation. It is a reliable alternative to a magnetic sensor. In addition to supporting all the features of a magnetic compass, this app also provides sensors for GPS, acceleration, and light. 

It provides a real-time graph that shows the changes in sensor readings. You can store your files in Google Drive and export them in CSV format. This app helps you calibrate your sensors. It comes with an intuitive, user-friendly interface that makes it very easy to use. The app will reveal all specifications needed for the operation of each sensor. It is possible to choose between the light and dark theme for each sensor. 

5. Compass Galaxy

This is one of the best magnetometer alternatives for Android phones and other devices. It is the highest-rated compass for Android, available on Google Play Store. The styling of this app is one of its most unique features, and it does not come with ads, unlike many other free magnetometer alternatives out there. 

It will show you directions while holding your phone vertically; It is also one of the best options when you don’t need bells and whistles. 

6. Just a Compass

Just a compass is another free app for Android devices, and you can download and install it directly from Google Play Store. The app comes with a great user interface that is clean and intuitive- even a beginner user will find this app easy to use. The app works by compiling data from your location, and you need to allow this app to access such location service for it to work. This app will display your altitude, longitude, and latitude, and sometimes you will see the sunset and sunrise displayed. This app can be very handy while you hike in the mountains. 

Using Your Android Smartphone As A Magnetic Sensor Compass 

Your compass is represented by that tiny magnetic component that spins around an axis while pointing to the earth’s north pole. 

The compass capabilities in smartphones like Android are made possible by sensors known as a magnetometer. A magnetometer can be used to measure the strength and direction of all types of magnetic fields. With the determination of the strengths of magnetic fields, the magnetometer will allow your phone to determine its orientation easily and in the most accurate manner. 

To use a magnetic sensor alternative on your Android phone, you need to have downloaded the app first and followed the screen prompts to install it. Once installed, you need to give the app access to your location services. With the location service active, you can use the app everywhere you go. It will display your longitude, altitude, and latitude once you turn it on. It will also direct you from one place to the other via the GPS feature.


While the use of an Android device magnetometer is efficient, it still can’t compare to the physical magnetometer. The main benefit of downloading this app on your Android device is that it can sync all sensors together, which means you can use the magnetometer for compass-related works, or as a torchlight to lighten up dark places and for many other things that work with a sensor. Fortunately, most of these apps are free of charge, but you may see occasional ads when using them. You may want to invest a little in getting the premium magnetometer apps for Android, which do not come with any ads interruptions. 

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