How To Adjust The Volume On The Ring Doorbell: The Ring Technology

The ring is a well-known manufacturer for making various smart home devices. They deal with devices like security cameras, alarm systems, and smart lighting. Therefore if you want security for your home, the ring will provide you with water-tight protection.

One of the best ring sellers is the Ring video doorbell. A ring doorbell can get screwed on the frame of your door or any location of your choice. Moreover, you can power it using a rechargeable battery or wire it into existing doorbell wiring.

Ring doorbells may sometimes have issues with the volume. It might be hard to hear whoever is at the door in some cases. When this happens, you will have to adjust your Ring doorbell volume. So, how do you change your Ring doorbell volume? Here is everything you need to know about Ring doorbells.

How To Adjust The Volume On The Ring Doorbell

You will start by opening your Ring doorbell app on your device. You will then click on the “menu” button located at the top left corner of the app. You will choose your device on the menu option if it is either chime or chime pro. Afterward, you will click on the chime tones option and see a volume slider. You will swipe to the left to make the sound softer or to the right to make it louder.

Problems People Face When Adjusting The Volume On The Ring Doorbell

in some cases, some users might face difficulties when adjusting the Ring doorbell volume. Some of the common problems that one might face include the following.

Not Seeing The “Chime Tones” Option On The App

You can follow the above adjusting steps in some instances but fail to see the chime tones option. It can happen since the app works differently in some device models. If this happens to you, this is what you can do to adjust your Ring doorbell volume.

  • You will first select your device in the Ring doorbell app, either Chime or chime pro.
  • You will then click on the Alert setting and select chime tones from there.
  • You will then adjust the volume slide according to your preferred volume.

The Volume Slider Not Visible

Sometimes, you can find that the volume slider is absent in the app when adjusting your ring doorbell volume. It can become a problem because the slider allows users to change their doorbell volume. However, you do not need to worry since you can still adjust your volume by following these steps.

  • You will first open the Ring doorbell app on your phone and click on your device( chime or chime pro).
  • Once you have done that, you will go to the Entryway Keypad option and choose Audio settings. On the Audio setting, you will select chime tones and see the volume slider at the top of this page.
  • You can now adjust your volume to your desired doorbell volume and save the changes.

Having The Same Doorbell Volume Even After Making Adjustments

You might successfully follow the adjusting steps at times but find that nothing has changed. You may find that the volume is still the same. One of the reasons might be that you did not save the changes when you finished adjusting the volume.

Another reason might be a poor internet connection. The time it takes for these adjustments to take place depends on the strength of your internet. Therefore, if you have poor internet, the changes might not even happen. It would be best to ensure you have strong internet before making the changes.

Tried Everything, But Still No Change In The Doorbell Volume

Have you tried everything, and still, you do not see any adjustments on your doorbell volume? If this happens, the issue might be your app or your device. Therefore you will have to uninstall your Ring doorbell app and reboot your device. After that, you will reinstall the app and follow the adjustments steps again.

How To Get A Louder A Doorbell Volume

A doorbell is essential since it announces the arrival of guests. Therefore it needs to be loud enough to welcome the visitors. Magnifying the doorbell volume will guarantee that you will never miss a visitor or a delivery. Here is what you can do to make your doorbell volume louder.

Replacing A Transformer

One way to have a louder doorbell volume is to replace an older transformer with a new one. The first thing you will do is turn off the power to the doorbell and double-check it to prevent electric shock. Furthermore, you will remove the cover on the transformer and read the manual. It will help you know the location of the transformer in your unit.

Other manufacturers will have the transformer in the doorbell’s utility box while others have it in a separate box. You will press the side clips or pry off the cover using a screwdriver to take the box’s lid off. You will then disconnect the wires from the screw terminal and tape each end with masking tape.

Afterward, you will unscrew the old transformer from the mounting brackets and replace it with a new one. Then, you will remove the tapes from the taped wires and attach them correctly. Once you finish the replacement, you will turn the power back on and test the doorbell. The new transformer will improve the doorbell and make its volume louder.

Installing A Chime Extender Kit

You should ensure that you load the chime extender’s transmitters and the chimes with the correct battery sizes and amount. Once you finish, ensure you close the transformer and chime box housing. You will then place the transmitter box close to the existing doorbell speaker.

The transformer box will pick the signal when the doorbell rings and send a chime alert to the extender chimes. You should ensure that you place the chimes wherever you need to extend the doorbell sound using screws. If you want to choose the chime sound you want to hear, ensure you select the appropriate chime box settings.

Connecting Ring Doorbell To More Than One Phone At A Time

You can connect the Ring doorbell to multiple devices by sharing your username and password. Since sharing passwords can be dangerous, this option is not recommended. The best option is to use the sharing user feature on the app, where you will not share passwords.

Shared User Feature

The feature will allow you to give others access to your Ring doorbell with one click. Once they have access, they will see all the activities but cannot delete videos.

You should first download the Ring doorbell app on your phone to share your Ring doorbell access. Once you have the app, you will click on the Ring button located in the right-hand corner of the screen. You will then click on the “shared” option and click “Add.”

You will add the email ID of the user you want to share the Ring doorbell access to at this stage. Once you click OK, you will see the user’s name as “pending invite.” The shared person will get an email with a link for creating an account. Once the shared person clicks on the link, they will go to a page to create a Ring account. They should ensure that they use the same email ID, fill up the password, and press next.

Once they have the Ring account, the next thing will be installing the Ring app and logging in. They will log in using the credentials created. Once they finish the process, they will access your Ring doorbell.

Devices That Work With Ring Doorbell And App

Apart from your phone, the following devices can also connect to the Ring doorbell.

Smart TVs

You can also connect smart TVs to your Ring doorbell and view all activities from there. However, not all smart TVs can connect to Ring Doorbell. The following are the smart TVs you can connect to your Ring doorbell.

  • Amazon Fire TV
  • Samsung smart TV


Alexa is compatible with the Ring doorbell, but you cannot access it with Alexa since it has no video capability. You must first log in to the Amazon Alexa app to set up Alexa on the Ring doorbell. You will then enable the Ring doorbell option on the Amazon Alexa app. It would be best to say yes when Alexa asks to discover devices. Once you do, it will automatically find all the Ring devices.

Once it finds your device, you will say, “Alexa, show me.” It will then immediately display the live feed of the Ring doorbell on your device.

What Is The Outside Ring Doorbell Sound, And How Can You Turn It Off?

The outside Ring doorbell sound is the notification sound that the person who presses the doorbell receives. You can turn it off on the configuration option in the Ring app, where you will find the volume slider.


The Ring technology has played a vital role in providing security to people’s homes. One of the best sellers of the Ring technology is the Ring doorbell. If you want to adjust the volume of the Ring doorbell, you will follow the above steps. You can also increase the Ring doorbell volume by replacing the transformer or installing a chime extender kit.

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