This Is How Long Does It Take To Fix A Phone Screen

Screens are a delicate part of mobile devices. Any careless fall could leave them chipped, cracked, or broken. If you are plagued with a broken phone screen, and you are wondering how long it takes to get it fixed, then you might just need to stop wondering.

Light scratches, spider web-like patterned cracks, missing chunks of glass, or even completely shattered displays are common to smartphone users, and they are what you get when your phone smashes onto a surface.

But although these little mishaps could leave a damning effect on the overall functioning of your phone, the good news is there’s a fix for it, and its fixing time may take less than you thought. 

How long does it take to fix a phone screen?

It takes less than an hour to fix a broken phone screen—two hours at the most.

The time it takes to get a mobile screen replaced or repaired is dependent on the skill and experience of the phone repairer. It takes most phone repairers about 30 minutes to have the screen of a phone changed or repaired.

In rare cases, you could be told to return in a couple of days, but this is only so due to the unavailability of the display at the service center. The materials needed to repair the screen of your phone brand may be unavailable hence the reason for the delay.

Normally with a broken phone screen, you get faced with whether or not to replace the phone with a new one. Weighing the pros and cons can be a daunting job, so keep reading to finalize a decision.

Is It Worth It To Repair A Broken Phone Screen?

To many, a broken phone screen means a reason to have the phone replaced with a new one. But this isn’t a good decision for many reasons.

Comparing the price of repair services to the price of a new device, it’s evident that the latter is an expensive call. 

If repairs to your phone screen could be done with a quick screen replacement, it is recommended that you ignore the urge to get a new phone as it will save you resources and money.

In the case where your broken smartphone is a few generations old, selling it at a lower price and opting to buy a new phone could be the best choice.

It is believed that a broken phone screen, even after repairs, is destined for a short lifespan. True as this may sound, it is usually not the case. Your phone is only prone to a shorter lifespan if, during repairs, some inner phone parts get tampered with.

To prevent further damages to your phone during repairs, have reliable repairers do the job or continue reading to know where to get your smartphone screen replaced.

Where To Get A Phone Screen Replaced?

Where to get a phone screen replaced would sound like a question straight from the mouths of a teenager but, it is a very thoughtful question.

There are local repair stores around you claiming to provide phone repair services, some of which may be genuine, but most of them only offer the service of adding damage to your phone with poor quality parts.

When on the lookout for phone repair stores, reach out to ones with a couple of months warranty and breakage warranty.

Asking around for a couple of reviews from past clients will give you a strong backstory about the repair store.

A repair store specializing in phone repairs is great too as it tells that they are skilled in phone repairs.

Due to growing concerns on whether or not a repair store is reliable, many tend to just ignore the broken screens on their phone. Here comes the question, does a broken phone screen affect the overall performance of a phone? Read on to find out.

Does A Broken Phone Screen Affect A Phone?

It depends on how broken the screen is. 

Light scratches on the screen will only diminish the beauty of the phone, but something like a spider web-like pattern cracks, missing chunks of glass, or a shattered display does a lot more harm to your phone.

Phones with broken screens never get better with time. In terms of functions, the touch screen capacity diminishes, and they become vulnerable to specks of dust and water that work their way into the phone and further destroy it.

So yes! A broken phone screen affects the overall performance of your phone.

A broken phone screen with a diminishing touch screen capacity will take longer to respond to the command and, with time, may stop responding.

How To Prevent Your Phone Screen From Getting Broken

Smartphone screens are becoming more prone to screen damage and repair than ever. As such, it is time you consider the options available to protect your phone screen from further damages. 

Here are some handy tips capable of keeping your phone running smoothly even when busted.

  • Shield the phone screen with a decent tempered glass screen protector.
  • Coat your phone with a bumper case.
  • Own a car phone holder
  • Avoid placing your phone in your back pocket.

There are strong and reliable bumper cases for every phone model out there. As you aim to protect your screen from damage or further damage, select bumper cases capable of withstanding heavy fall and not light stylish products.

Plastic screen protectors are ideal for preventing nominal scratches, not heavy falls. So, a tempered glass screen protector is recommended as they are built capable of absorbing shock from a reasonable height.

Laced with tips on how to prevent damage from occurring to your phone screen there are tricks that could save you a few bucks when learned. This trick can help you fix your phone screen. Can you fix your phone screen yourself? Well, read to find out.

Can You Repair A Broken Screen Yourself?

Yes, you can, but with some crude DIY method.

In actuality, the extent to which you can repair a broken screen depends on your skill and experience in phone repairing. No rule prevents you from fixing your phone but, if you plan on doing it yourself, be knowledgeable in matters relating to phones.

So, is your phone’s screen broken? First, assess the level of damage. If it is a scratch, then here’s a trick.

  • Dip a cotton bud into toothpaste and rub it on the scratch to restore its mint condition.
  • Rub a tiny bit of vegetable oil to the scratch spot to hide the scratch, but this method requires reapplication when oil dies off.
  • Meticulously use sandpaper to sand down the scratch.
  • Make a baking soda paste and rub it on scratch.

For small cracks on the phone screen, use as little super glue (cyanoacrylate glue) as possible to seal up the small cracks. Wipe off the residue on-screen with cotton buds.

In the case of a missing chunks of glass or a shattered display then no. You can’t repair unless you are a professional. If you are not, take it to a trustworthy repairer.

Emphasis is on “trustworthy repairer” as it is possible that your mobile screen quality could be damaged after replacement.

Does Mobile Screen Quality Degrade After Replacing It?

In a normal scenario, the answer to this should be NO, as it is impossible for a mobile screen to lose quality after replacement. But, cases where the phone loses quality after screen replacement do occur but for a reason.

Most local repair stores replace phone screens with non-genuine displays causing a noticeable loss of screen quality.  Thus, the loss of screen quality you experience is not a result of a screen replacement but as a result of some underhanded activity of your phone repair provider.

To prevent the degradation of your mobile screen quality upon replacement, patronize reliable repair stores.

One noticeable attribute of phone repair stores liable to give out fake displays is the low rate they charge for a new display.


How long does it take to fix a phone screen? A couple of minutes, if not an hour.

So, when next your phone smashes onto a surface, you can casually stroll to a repair store knowing that more than an hour won’t be spent on just replacing a screen.

Hopefully, it doesn’t smash onto a surface since this article has provided ways to prevent scratches and falls. Even in the case of an accident occurring, the DIY methods would save the day.

But note, your smartphone is prone to more damages in the hands of an unprofessional repairer. Be mindful.

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