Do Raycons Work With iPhone? What You Should Know About Raycons

Today, you do not have to wear bulky headphones or wired earphones to listen to your music. Technology has brought new developments such as earbuds. The good thing about earbuds is that you can use them anywhere and when doing anything.

Some of the earbuds include the Raycons earbud and the Apple Airpods. Apple Airpods was released first, followed by the Raycons. However, the Raycons have done a great job fighting the Apple Airpods. Most people prefer using Raycons instead of the Airpods due to their outstanding features.

Most iPhone users want to know if one can use Raycons with iPhone. This article will guide you to everything you need to know about Raycons earbuds.

Do Raycons Work With iPhone?

Yes, it does. Raycon’s wireless audio device has a design compatible with any Bluetooth-enabled smartphone or computer. Therefore, as long as your iPhone has Bluetooth, it can work with Raycons. However, some users may have compatibility issues with the newer iPhone 11. The good thing is that it is nothing that you cannot solve.

Connecting Your Raycons With Your iPhone

You must first confirm that your iPhone has a compatible Bluetooth connection to connect your Raycons with your iPhone. Once you confirm, you will ensure that you open it and turn your Raycons on.

You will then go to Bluetooth settings and scan the available devices to search for your Raycon. Once you find it, click on it to connect with your iPhone. However, in some instances, the pairing might fail. If it does, you will need to check whether your iPhone’s software requires updating.

Therefore, you will have to go into the settings on your iPhone and get the most recent version of the software. To do so, you will first select and click on the Software Update from the general menu under Settings. If there are any updates, you will click download, and the updates will start updating. After installing the current software version, you can now connect your Raycons with your iPhone without problems.

How To Fix Bluetooth Issues

Bluetooth connectivity issues might hinder your Raycons from working with your iPhone. Therefore, you should ensure that you solve them to avoid any inconveniences. Here are some things you can do to try and solve the Bluetooth problems.

You Must Ensure That The Devices Are Ready To Get Connected

It’s not uncommon for Bluetooth devices to be unprepared when trying to pair them. Therefore,  It is necessary first to set the Bluetooth-enabled devices into pairing mode. If you’re not sure how to activate pairing mode, consult the user manual for your device. The good news is it is simple to turn on the Bluetooth in iPhones.

You will first go to settings and then to the Bluetooth option. You will click on the toggle on the Bluetooth option, and a list of devices will appear. Once you see your Raycon model number, you will click on it to connect with your phone. However, you should ensure no other devices connect with your iPhone to have a successful connection.

Check To See If The Devices Are Within Range

Bluetooth devices typically require a distance of at least 20 feet between them to connect properly. Therefore, you should ensure that your Raycons and iPhone are not too far apart. If you are having problems with your Bluetooth connection, try bringing your device close to each other.

Make Sure You Haven’t Already Synced Other Devices

If you can’t connect to your Raycons, it might be because your iPhone is already linked to another Bluetooth device. To establish a new connection, you’ll have to break up any existing Bluetooth connections that are already active. Once you do that, your can now try reconnecting your Raycons with your iPhone.

Reset The Connection

If none of these methods works, the only option left is disconnecting and reconnecting your Bluetooth device. You will first locate your Raycon in the Bluetooth area of your iPhone. After finding your device, click on it and select “Forget this Device.”

You will then reconnect the device by turning it on again and putting it in pairing mode. However, ensure that you clear the cache and data on all of your listed available devices before you do that.

About Raycons Earphones

The process of using the Raycon E25 wireless earbuds is simple. It has the smallest charging case you can find, even smaller than the original AirPods. However, the smooth plastic surface is pleasant to the touch and incredibly slick.

The case has magnets that keep the earbuds in place. The good thing is that it is not difficult to open the lid, but you’ll need two hands to do it. The Raycons Earbuds will automatically power on and connect to the last paired device when you open the case.

The Raycon earbuds are small and comfortable to fit in the ears. Moreover, it offers users extra tips to provide even more comfort. The microphone also has a built-in microphone making it ideal for zoom meetings.

The Raycons emphasizes more on the notes in the 300-1000HZ range. Therefore it allows you to sound louder to someone on the other end. Moreover, it has done a great job ensuring that it has captured some of the lower notes in your voice.

The Differences Between Raycons And Airpods

Some people find it hard to choose either Raycons or Airpods to use with their iPhones. Here is a comparison between Raycons earbuds and the Apple Airpods.

The Battery Life

Raycon appears to last longer than AirPods. Raycon e25 has a playtime of up to 6 hours, and you can listen to it for 24 hours with its charging case. The charging capsule can recharge your earbuds three times when you’re on the go. Moreover, it has three lithium-ion batteries to power the device, and they come with the package.

Whereas the AirPods can last up to 5 hours. However, it can last up to 24 hours with the charging case. Moreover, you can find the LED charging light of the Airpod on the front of the AirPods case. Only the AirPods wired charging case model features an LED light on the case’s top.

Sound Quality

If you listen to music on earbuds, you know how important it is to have good sound quality. Both Raycon e25 and Apple AirPods perform well in this area. When listening to music, it’s nearly impossible to discern the difference between Raycon e25 and AirPods. However, Raycons is slightly better than Airpods.

Raycon e55 has a stronger affinity for low-end tones than the Airpods. Moreover, compared to AirPods Pro, Raycon has a higher sound quality for lower notes.


The durability of these two devices appears to be the same. Both the Raycon e25 and AirPods seem to have a lifespan of two years. However, several variables also contribute to the lifespan of these devices.  These factors include when, how, and where you use them.

Both brands’ long-term dependability is well-liked by their customers. In addition, both Raycons and Airpods provide their users with a one-year warranty in case of any faults.


You will find compact cases in both versions. Raycon e25 charging cases have a matte finish, but Apple AirPods sticks to white cases and white earphones. The Raycon E25 case gets closed using a magnet. Moreover, the case is firm and opens with a sharp click. On the other hand, the Airpods has a smooth and easy-to-open case.  

Both the Raycon e25 and the AirPods have wireless charging cases. However, the Apple Airpods also provides users with wired charging cases.  The wired model differs from the wireless models in pricing and compatibility with Qi charging mat. The wired charging case is not compatible with the Qi charging mat.

Furthermore, the Raycon e55 includes a USB C-type charging port, while the AirPods Pro has a lightning port. Moreover, white is the only color available for the AirPods. However, Raycon’s E55 is available in various hues, including frost white and carbon black.

Raycon e55 and AirPods Pro are as distinct in appearance as possible. Raycon e55 appears rounder and curving, with a stem shorter than AirPods Pro’s stem. In addition, AirPods Pro is sleek and slim.

Is Noise Cancellation Available On The Raycon E25 Earbuds?

No, they don’t have any form of active noise-canceling technology in their design. Raycon E25 earphones do not offer noise cancellation, but they have a built-in microphone for making phone conversations. However, despite that, Raycons still provides users with a fantastic experience.

How Do You Know When The  Raycons Earbuds Get Charged?

You can tell when the charging case is fully charged by looking at the LED ring inside it. When you start charging the case, the lights will flash red during the entire charging process. However, once you finish charging it, the lights will remain solid red throughout the process.


You have seen that Raycons can work with your iPhone as long as it is Bluetooth-enabled. Moreover, the process of connecting your Raycons with your iPhone is simple. However, you may have Bluetooth issues that make it hard to link your Raycons with your iPhone in some cases. Using the above methods will help you solve the problem. Now that you know the comparison between Airpods and Raycons, it should not be hard to choose the one to use.

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