Do Binaural Beats Work Without Headphones? What You Should Know About Binaural Headphones

Binaural beats can be described as a collection of sound wave therapy . This therapy works on a simple principle that your right and left ear often receive slightly different note frequencies even though the brain is capable of bringing these notes together to make you perceive them as the same. The Binaural beats therapies are recommended for people suffering from anxiety, depress, stress and other related issues. These therapies are special audio treatments made available in forms of audio pre-recordings. They are minor experimental procedures that are used in conjunction with some other treatments.

So, Do Binaural Beats Work with Headphones?

Yes, Bluetooth headphones work with binaural beats , even though some frequency losses may be noticed.

How Binaural Beats Work- The Difference Frequency Pattern Types

According to a survey, for binaural beats to work efficiently, the tone should have less than 1000 Hz frequency. The brain can only detect a binaural beat at frequencies lower than 1000 Hz. That Binaural beats you perceive is that frequency difference between the sound waves entering into your left and right ear. For instance, if your left ear registers a tone of 300 Hz, and the right ear registers a tone of 250 Hz, your Binaural beats should be 50Hz which is the difference between the sound wave on the two ears.

Experts believe that listening to some Binaural beats for a period of time can positively affect the patient’s sleep cycles and general behavior. In Binaural beats, there are five different categories of frequency patterns, these are;

  1. Delta pattern
  2. Theta pattern
  3. Alpha pattern
  4. Beta pattern
  5. Gamma pattern

1. Delta Pattern

When Binaural beats are in the Delta pattern, they operate at frequencies between 0.5 and 4 Hz. These frequencies can help create the link for dreamless sleep in patients. Individuals who receive Delta binaural frequencies during their early sleep phase may enter into a deeper sleep phase and this has been verified by s brain cell scanning through the use of EEG.

2. The Theta Pattern

Theta pattern of Binaural beats operate at frequencies higher than those of the Delta pattern. The operators set the sound at frequencies of between 4 and 7 Hz. These frequencies are targeted at improving meditation and creativity. This option of treatment will also improve sleep in the rapid eye movement phase.

3. The Alpha Pattern

The Binaural alpha pattern are sounds that operate at between 7 and 13 Hz frequency. They are designed to trigger relaxation in patients undergoing Binaural treatments. Alpha patterns do come with lots of benefits aside helping individuals achieve relaxation. They induce sleep and help relieve stress and anxiety.

4. The Beta Pattern

Beta pattern is a pattern in Binaural where sounds are generated at between frequencies 13-30 Hz. This frequency range will help patients improve their concentration and mental alertness. This sound therapy is managed professionally because the higher end may induce anxiety is some patients when not properly managed.

5. The Gamma Pattern

This is a sound therapy in Binaural therapy where sounds are generated between frequencies of 30 and 50 Hz. It was discovered that sounds at these frequencies can generate the maintenance of different types of arousals especially when the beneficiary is awake. This means that the gamma Binaural pattern is best applied when the individual is awake.

What Are The Benefits Of Binaural Therapies?

There are several benefits that have been associated with binaural treatments and from researches, it appears different people react differently to Binaural treatments. The following are the main benefits associated with Binaural therapies;

  • Lowers anxiety and stress
  • Improves concentration, and focus
  • It promotes motivation and self-confidence
  • It enhances memory
  • Promotes meditation
  • It boosts mood and performance
  • May create arousal.

Lowering stress and anxiety are the primary focus of Binaural therapies. Many individuals who battle stress and anxiety and are suffering secondary issues like insomnia are known to benefit from Binaural therapies.

Improving focus and concentration is another purported major benefit of Binaural treatments. It is believed that exposure to certain sound frequencies can actually boost mental alertness thus boosting focus and concentration.

One of the secondary benefits of Binaural therapy is boosting self-confidence. It is expected that when you relieve stress, anxiety and depression, you will be able to enhance or restore you self-confidence.

Memory enhancement is another secondary benefit of Binaural treatments. With the ability to enhance your concentration and focus, your memory will be able to hold unto more information that can be recalled even after prolonged periods.

Promoting meditation is another benefit of Binaural therapy. The sound therapy can help you become more mindful and that can boost your meditation speed and accuracies.

Certain patterns of Binaural therapy boost arousals. For instance, Gamma patterns at up to 50 Hz are known to stimulate or arouse certain patients, but the level of arousals will depend on the nature of the patient being treated.

Binaural therapy can boost mood and overall performance and mood. The collective benefits of the therapy, including relief from anxiety, boost in focus and concentration and memory enhancement will work together to boost your mood and performance.

The collective effect of all these benefits is that the general wellbeing and health of the patients are greatly enhanced especially with the reduction of risks and symptoms of certain chronic diseases.

How To Listen To Binaural Beats- A Guide

To use binaural beats efficiently, you need a pair of reliable headphones with great sound quality. You need a pair of headphones for binaural beats because each ear must receive different sound frequency of the tone that is being played.

The next step after choosing a reliable headphone is to find the ideal binaural beats to listen to. You can find binaural beat generators online that are free of charge and some are premium beats at affordable prices. Make sure you choose the frequencies using the types of frequencies explained above as your guide. You may also go for the pre-recorded podcasts of different frequencies that can be downloaded for free.

Once you have your headphones and the beats you want to listen to, you need to find a place where you wouldn’t get distracted, then plugin your headphones and relax while you enjoy listening to the beats. It can take between 5 and 10 minutes for your brain to eventually sync to the sound you listen to, hence binaural beats are not quick fixes. You may want to allow up to 40 minutes to complete each session of the listening.

Everything may seem strange when you begin to listen to binaural beats, but with some patience and dedication, you should be able to get used to it. It will also take some consistency before you begin to reap the binaural beats benefits.

Binaural beats will help you reach a certain state, the results may not help you achieve everything you want except you switch from one type to the other. For instance, you may switch from gamma binaural beats to another to achieve maximum benefits.

How You Can Use Binaural Beats For Yourself

The following are some of the great ways to enjoy binaural beats;

1. Use the Alpha and Beta Waves for Long Study Periods

If you want to study for several hours, you may benefit more in assimilating by combining Alpha and Beta Binaural beats. You may want to set your timer and remove all distractions when using Alpha waves. With this combination it will be easier to get into that state of ultimate concentration and the mood to keep studying.

2. Use Theta Waves for Power Naps

For that afternoon nap, you will benefit from Theta wave binaural beats. Those power naps you take for about an hour can provide you with an energy you derive for sleeping for 5-6 hours. You may want to take a cup of coffee and then cover your eyes with a piece of dark fabric to create am ambient condition. Listening to Theta waves can take you to the dreamland before you know it.

3. Use Beta Waves for the Brainstorming Sessions

When you are trying to create a strategy or indulge in a critical thinking to resolve an issue, perhaps beta waves will be your ideal companion. A 10 or 20-minute use of beta waves can help you think better with more clarity. With Beta waves , you should be able to find new ideas that can bring solutions to existing issues.


The main benefits of Binaural beats can only be found in repeated use of such beats. You may have to try out different beats in different situations to discover the ones that are most suitable to get the desired results you want. You will find some binaural beats applicable across multiple applications and some can only work at lower or higher frequencies. You need to be creative with the way you use binaural beats if you want to get the most out of it. With Binaural beats , long term results can be obtained over prolonged usage.

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