Can You Charge A PS4 Controller Using An Outlet: The World Of Gaming

Over the years, the gaming world has deeply evolved. The PS4 console and its controller has provided players with one of the best gaming experience. However, one thing that can be annoying is getting disrupted when playing due to the low battery of your PS4 controller.

Therefore to avoid this, you should ensure that your PS4 controller always has power when playing. Moreover, charging your PS4 controller can also increase the battery life of your controller. You can use different ways to charge your PS4 controller.

Most people have wondered if charging their PS4 controller using an outlet is possible. This article will give your everything you need to know about PS4 controllers and their charging.

Can You Charge PS4 Controller Using An Outlet

Yes, you can. However, you must have a USB wall charger, and the controller’s compatibility should match that charger. Moreover, If you’re using an outlet to charge a PS4 controller, you’ll need to ensure the output is 0.8 amps. It is because the controller requires 0.8 amps regardless of whether you’re using a wall charger or not. The controller will overheat if the wall charger’s power is too high.

Things You Should Know When Charging Your Ps4 Controller

It is possible to charge your PS4 controller using an outlet. You will have to have the right tools to do so. You will need a wall charger and a USB cable to connect your PS4 controller to the wall charger. Moreover, you should not use any wall charger but the right one for the PS4 controller. Here are some things you can look at to determine whether your wall charger is good for your PS4 controller.


The wall charger’s voltage should be 5 volts. You should not charge A PS4 controller with a charger with a higher voltage than the 5 volts. If you do, the controller’s batteries will get exhausted. Therefore, you should remove any ideas of using a fast charger on your PS4 controllers. These fast chargers have a voltage of 9 volts, higher than the required one.


The PS4 controller needs a power of 0.8 amps to charge. Therefore, at the very least, your wall charger’s amperage should read 0.8 amps and 800mAH. If you use a charger with a lower amperage, the controller will keep requesting more power. Therefore, as a result, the PS4 controller will not charge, or the charger will get over-stressed and burn out.

Moreover, you will not be able to charge your PS4 controller while playing. The PS4 controller will drain its charge faster than it is charging. Therefore, you will have to wait for hours for your PS4 controller to charge since the charging will be slow.

Most people think that charging their PS4 controllers using an outlet will make them charge faster. That will not be the case because the PS4 controller can only draw 0.8amps regardless of the charger you use.

How To Save The Battery Life Of Your PS4 Controller

Most PS4 owners ask whether or not there are any true methods for extending the battery life of their controllers. Here are a few ways to extend the life of your PS4 controller’s battery.

Turn Down The Brightness Of The Light Bar

When the light bar of your PS4 controller is on, it will consume a lot of power. Therefore, it will drain your battery faster, forcing you to charge your controller more often. When you charge your controller a lot, it will shorten the lifespan of its battery. Thus, you should ensure you set the light bar brightness to its lowest setting to preserve battery life.

Reduce Your Controller’s Turn-Off Time

When you’re not using your PS4 controller, you can preserve battery life by lowering the time it turns off. You can set your controller to turn off after about five minutes when you are not using it. Moreover, you should also ensure you fix the problem of your PS4 console turning on and off. By doing so, you will also be saving your controller battery.

Ensure Your Game Console Does Not Play At Its Maximum Sound

The PS4 controller’s speakers deplete the battery just as much as the vibrations or light bars on that controller. Therefore, you should ensure that you reduce the controller’s volume if you want the battery to last.

How To charge A PS4 Controller

PS4 controller charging is a straightforward and convenient activity to perform. You should ensure your PS4 controller is always full to avoid destruction while playing your favorite games on PS4. The following are some of the ways you can charge your PS4 controller.

Using The controller’s USB Cable

Essential accessories such as a PS4 controller and USB cable get included in the PS4 system package. You can start charging your controller using the USB cable that came with the PS4 package. If you want to charge your PS4 controller, you must have your PS4 console turned on or in rest mode. To see the controller’s charge level, hold down the PS button and look for the charging icon on the screen.

Using  Charging Stations

If you lose your PS4 controller’s USB cable, don’t panic. You can still recharge your controller even without the PS4’s USB cable. You can use the small, advanced stationary devices known as “charging stations” to recharge your PS4 controller. The good thing about these devices is that they do not have compatibility difficulties.

Using Battery Packs To Boost More Ower To The Controllers

You can also use the ‘Battery packs’ or ‘power banks’ to charge your PS4 controller. The good thing is that they are portable, meaning you can carry them anywhere. These power banks can get charged and used to charge your controller when its battery level drops.

Warning Against Charging Your Controller With A Fast Charger 

To avoid damaging your PS4 controller, you should avoid USB fast chargers to charge your controllers. Fast chargers often come with new smartphones and have two power outputs, a 5V output, and a 9V output. There have been countless complaints of controllers being destroyed by fast chargers.

The PS4 requires 5V to charge. However, fast chargers charge with a voltage of 9V. Therefore, charging your PS4 controller with these chargers can make your controller overheat and even explode. The high cost of the PS4 controller makes it not worth the risk.

How To Reset The PS4 Controller

In some cases, you may repair some PS4 controller issues if you reset your PS4 controller. The following are some steps you can follow to reset your controller successfully. 

The first step is to locate the reset button. You will see the reset button near the L2 shoulder button on the back of the DualShock PS4 controller. Once you find it, you will press it down for 5-10 seconds with an unfolded paper clip.

Troubleshooting Your PS4 Controller

Sometimes, your PS4 controller may fail to turn on, communicate or pair with the console. In some cases, the controllers might even fail to display a fling light from the controller’s light bar. If this happens to you, you will have to troubleshoot your controller to solve the problem.  You can follow these steps to repair your PS4 controller.

  • The first step is to connect the controller to the PS4 console using a USB cable and turn on the console.
  • You will then press the PS button located on the PS4 controller’s front and repair the controller to the console.

Charging Your Controller When The PS4 Is In Rest Mode

While your PS4 is in rest mode, you can perform various tasks. You can download games and their content or charge your PS4 controller. Here are the steps to charge your controller while your PS4 is in rest mode.

  • First, you will turn on your console, go to settings, and open power save settings.
  • You will then click on the “select features available in rest mode” option.
  • Once you do that, you will turn on the “Supply Power To USB Port.” Modifying these settings will allow your controller to recharge when your PS4 is in rest mode.

When The PS4 Controller Is Plugged In And Charging, What Color Does It Turn?

The light bar on the controller slowly blinks amber when you connect the controller to a charger. During charging, the light bar fades between white and amber continuously. When the controller gets fully charged, the LED bar will go out.

Can You Use Your PS4 Controller When Charging?

You can still use your PS4 controller to play while plugged into a wall socket. However, since the PS4 controller uses power when playing, it will mean that it will take longer to charge. Moreover, it can also shorten the battery lifespan of your PS4 controller. Therefore, it would be best to avoid it if you can.


Charging your PS4 controller is an essential task that you must perform. If you have a low battery controller, it will hinder you from gaming. The best way to charge your controller is by using the USB cable that comes with your PS4. Moreover, you can charge your controller using an outlet as long as it has 0.8amps.

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